Money makes the world go ‘round, so why do so many of us struggle with it? From saving enough to understanding how to invest, money is often confusing and overwhelming.
But it shouldn’t be! Learning about money should be easy and FUN!


At EduCounting (Education + Accounting) we make it easy (and FREE!) to learn about money no matter how old you are.

Our short and simple videos and podcasts — for both parents and kids — cover almost every financial topic and break them down into a simple lesson and language that anyone can understand. From saving and investing to taxes, IRAs, mutual funds, stocks and more!



We believe there’s no shame in admitting what you don’t know and we want to make it easy for you to learn. Everything we create is with you, and your time, in mind. And every video or podcast offers an actionable step to get you on the path to financial knowledge and power.
This is what you needed to learn growing up but didn’t! The good news is that it’s never too late to learn and improve. By understanding, appreciating, and valuing money, we want to enable you to live the life you want. Let’s get EduCouting.
I’m Ben Jones, I have just a few credentials to my name: CPA, CFA®, CFP® and an MBA from the University of Chicago.
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EduCounting is a place where adults and kids can learn about finance in a way that makes it fun! From videos to podcasts, everything we do is a simple lesson on a particular topic.
Grant and Makenna Talking About Money
Our short and simple videos and podcast for both parents and kids cover almost every financial



what is behavioral finance

What is Behavioral Finance and Why is it Important?

What is behavioral finance? Behavioral finance is a branch of economics that seeks to understand how human psychology and behavior affect financial decisions. It combines the fields of finance, economics, and psychology to explain better the underlying psychological biases that can lead to irrational financial decision-making. Image Courtesy: Statista research reveals that incorporating behavioral

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financial performance management

10 Ways to Build Financial Performance Management Skills

Effective financial performance management is a crucial skill for professionals in any industry. It involves the ability to understand, analyze, and make decisions based on economic data and communicate this information effectively to others. Whether you’re a financial analyst, manager, or business owner, developing and honing your financial performance and management skills is essential for

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Money With Mak & G - Educounting

Money With Mak & G

They’re Ben’s 13-year old twins and they’re going to teach you, and your kids, all about money. Each bite-sized ‘minisode’ tackles a financial topic like: Piggy Bank Origins, The Value of Money (and how to conserve), What’s An Allowance, Credit vs. Cash and more.


Episode 179: Private Equity is Private

Episode 179: Private Equity is Private

SHOW NOTES In this episode, we share everything about private equity firms, what they are, how they make money, and the advantages private equity has over public company investing.    I love my job.   I’m interested in the work I do, I help other people be successful, and most importantly I make a decent

Episode 178: New Year’s Intentions and Traditions

Episode 178: New Year’s Intentions and Traditions

SHOW NOTES In this episode, we look at the most common New Year’s resolutions, different ways to stay motivated and committed to your New Year’s resolutions, and what the outlook for the economy is in 2023. Happy New Year! It’s 2023, and just like every other year people are making their New Year’s resolutions, but

Episode 177: All I want for Christmas is…GREEN

Episode 177: All I want for Christmas is…GREEN

SHOW NOTES In this episode, I look at what gifts people spend the most money on at Christmas, some different low-cost holiday traditions, and the crazy amounts of money people can make from Christmas songs.   People’s spending habits are changing but as Christmas is coming, one thing’s for sure, people are still spending money



Why Do We Overspend Psychological Reasons for Overspending
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Why do we overspend

Keeping up with the Jones’. It’s real and many of us are guilty of living beyond our means. Did you think “why do I spent so much money”?
How to Talk to Your Kids About Money - Ben and Educounting Family
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How to talk to your kids about money

69% of parents are afraid to talk to their kids about money. But they shouldn’t be. Find out some easy ways to involve finance into daily conversation and set your kids up for financial success.

Top 10 Reasons for Divorce Should Kids parents Know
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Top 10 reasons for divorce

Most of us know the stats. Half of all marriages end in divorce. But why? We break down the top 10 reasons and hopefully provide some insight to prevent you from becoming a statistic too.
Do Your Kids Waste Money Educounting
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Finance for kids: burning money

Using your money wisely is important for growing wealthy. Teach your kids about how money is wasted around the house. Financial literacy starts early.
The Cost of Getting Divorced Learn Kids
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The cost of getting divorced

Did you know that the financial ramifications of divorce are huge? Forget how much weddings cost, getting divorced can easily triple that amount! Find out this and more.
Credit score affects your life please check the full post
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What is a credit score and why does it matter

You know it’s important to have good credit. Why is it important? Bad credit, fair credit, good credit, excellent, what are the scores? Where does a credit score or rating come from?


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