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Bonds vs. Stocks: Which is Better?

In the case of Bonds vs Stocks which is better, most young Americans, especially those with growing families, have so much going on in their lives that wealth-building strategies aren’t typically going to take center stage. However, as we always say on this website, it is never too late (or too early) to start planning your
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25 Ways for Children to Earn Money

Here in the United States, children cannot legally take their first official job with an employer before they reach the age of 14. However, that does not mean that your child cannot start making money long before that. When a parent works to find ways for children to earn money, they instill essential values and

How to Financially Plan for Your First Home Purchase

When it comes to the purchase of a new home, there is one thing that everyone can agree on; A homebuyer should never purchase more “house” than they can afford. As we have repeatedly mentioned here at, budgeting is crucial in financial planning any major purchase, and buying a home is no exception. However, the
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