Black Swan in Finance

Money and Black Swans don’t mix.

Black swans are pretty birds.  You don’t see them every day in the US.  There have been sightings of the bird in some places in California as well as Florida. Maybe they escaped from a zoo or private collector.  Either way, they’re a bit rare and were never in the US until maybe 100  years ago
What is Financial Literacy?

What is Financial Literacy?

Financial literacy is like having a superpower that you know how to use well.  If you’ve seen any Avenger movies, you’ll see how each member acquired their skill. Spiderman got bit by a spider.  He also built web throwers and had to learn how to use his tools.  But, he ran into the side of

5 Ways to Save without Sacrifice

Saving money sometimes feels painful. You've probably been raised that you have to make sacrifices to save a few Benjamins.  But, your mantra doesn't have to be "No pain, no gain".  We all have to make choices every day-black pants or jeans.  That will never change.  Since you REALLY want the long-term benefits of saving,
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