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Episode 181: Peeing on a Fly

SHOW NOTES In this episode, we talk about why sometimes people don’t make good choices with their money, how the things around us can affect

Episode 179: Private Equity is Private

Episode 179: Private Equity is Private

SHOW NOTES In this episode, we share everything about private equity firms, what they are, how they make money, and the advantages private equity has

Episode 174 : Let Taka Bout Money

Episode 174: Let Taka Bout Money

SHOW NOTES In this episode, I look at how I saved money on my flights to Bangladesh, found out the appropriate things to take with

Money With Mak & G - Educounting

Money With Mak & G

They’re Ben’s 15-year old twins and they’re going to teach you, and your kids, all about money. Each bite-sized ‘minisode’ tackles a financial topic like: Piggy Bank Origins, The Value of Money (and how to conserve), What’s An Allowance, and more. 

Because they’re short, you can listen in the car on the way to soccer practice, dance, gymnastics or even school. Mak and G talk to the kids and ‘Dad’ chimes in with his 2 cents at the end so both parents and kids can put what they learned into practice. It’s fun financial education for everyone.

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