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EduCounting began out of a desire to use what I learned over the years to remove the stigma around money and show how anyone can learn about finance.

I’m Ben Jones and my story begins in Indiana where I grew up with 5 brothers and a sister. My father came off a farm. We didn’t have much but what we did have was a mother who insisted we go to school and get one of five degrees that offered a certification (MD, JD, CPA, RN or a PE).




We believe there’s no shame in admitting what you don’t know and we want to make it easy for you to learn. Everything we create is with you, and your time, in mind. And every video or podcast offers an actionable step to get you on the path to financial knowledge and power.
This is what you needed to learn growing up but didn’t! The good news is that it’s never too late to learn and improve. By understanding, appreciating, and valuing money, we want to enable you to live the life you want. Let’s get EduCouting
I’m Ben Jones, I have just a few credentials to my name: CPA, CFA®, CFP® and an MBA from the University of Chicago.
Ben Jones Image
EduCounting is a place where adults and kids can learn about finance in a way that makes it fun! From videos to podcasts, everything we do is a simple lesson on a particular topic.
Grant and Makenna Talking About Money
Our short and simple videos and podcast for both parents and kids cover almost every financial

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