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Why Do We Overspend Psychological Reasons for Overspending
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Why do we overspend

Keeping up with the Jones’. It’s real and many of us are guilty of living beyond our means. Did you think “why do I spent so much money”?
How to Talk to Your Kids About Money - Ben and Educounting Family
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How to talk to your kids about money

69% of parents are afraid to talk to their kids about money. But they shouldn’t be. Find out some easy ways to involve finance into daily conversation and set your kids up for financial success.
Top 10 Reasons for Divorce Should Kids parents Know
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Top 10 reasons for divorce

Most of us know the stats. Half of all marriages end in divorce. But why? We break down the top 10 reasons and hopefully provide some insight to prevent you from becoming a statistic too.
Do Your Kids Waste Money - Educounting
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Finance for kids: burning money

Did you know that the financial ramifications of divorce are huge? Forget how much weddings cost, getting divorced can easily triple that amount! Find out this and more.
The Cost of Getting Divorced Learn Kids
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The cost of getting divorced

Did you know that the financial ramifications of divorce are huge? Forget how much weddings cost, getting divorced can easily triple that amount! Find out this and more

Credit score affects your life please check the full post
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What is a credit score and why does it matter

You know it’s important to have good credit. Why is it important? Bad credit, fair credit, good credit, excellent, what are the scores? Where does a credit score or rating come from?


What is Cryptocurrency and Why Should You Care EduCounting
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What is cryptocurrency and why should we care

Maybe you’ve heard of Bitcoin. It’s the most popular type of cryptocurrency. But, what does that mean? Well, it’s another type of money, but it’s virtual and only exists in digital form.
Should You Think About Investing in Cryptocurrency EduCounting
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Should you invest in cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a volatile investment. It’s not for everyone. It has risks, and varies widely. You should never invest in assets when you can’t afford to lose money.


Are You Financially Ready to Retire EduCounting
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Are you financially ready to retire?

If you are like most Americans, the sad truth is that you are probably not financially ready to retire. Because we’re living longer, you need more money to sustain your life and your lifestyle.
What is a Company Retirement Match EduCounting
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Does your company offer a 401K match?

What is a company retirement match and does your company offer it for retirement? It’s important to find out because if they do, this is FREE money.
Create a side hustle 10 easy ideas to make passive income Educounting
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Create a side hustle: 10 easy ideas to make passive income

Most of us know the stats. Half of all marriages end in divorce. But why? We break down the top 10 reasons and hopefully provide some insight to prevent you from becoming a statistic too.
What is an Ira or Individual Retirement Account
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What is an IRA or Individual Retirement Account?

An IRA or Individual Retirement Account is one of the most common ways to save for retirement. In this video we discuss the differences between the two main ones, the ROTH IRA and the Traditional IRA, and the tax implications of each. Find out which is right for you.


Why Long Term Investing is Right for You Educounting
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Why long term investing is right for you

You’ve heard the term set it and forget it. In this day and age, that can also be applied to investing. In fact, Warren Buffet believes investing should be long-term and done once.
What are Stocks and Bonds Podcast EP402
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Learn the basics about bonds

In our last episode, Mak and G learned the basics of investing. Now, they’re getting the lowdown on stocks and bonds. What do stocks have to do with pizza? And what on earth is a dividend? Listen in to find out!

Understanding the Stock Market: The NASDAQ, S&P and the Dow

We hear these terms all the time, but what exactly is the Stock Market and what indexes make it up? In this video, we explain the basics behind the NASDAQ (for US technology stocks)

What is The Value of a Financial Advisor Videos EduCounting
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The value of a financial advisor

Did you know that a Financial Advisor is proven to help you grow your wealth by 3% annually? Over the course of your life, that could add up to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Find out why you should invest in a Financial Advisor.
Top 5 Savings Accounts to Open for Kids EduCounting
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Top 5 savings accounts for kids

Start your kids on the road to success with a savings account in their own name. We break down the best ones to try right now.Learn about best savings account for newborn and best savings account for baby too.
Alternative Investment Accounts for Kids EduCounting
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Alternative investments for kids

From UGMA and 529 to RothIRA and Annuities, there are many ways to start saving for your child’s future. We break down 5 types and which might be right for your child and your investment style.
Choosing a Financial Advisor EduCounting
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Choosing a financial advisor

Choosing a financial advisor can have significant long term benefits to your financial bottom line. In this video we tell you to focus on the 6 C’s: competence, character, compensation, care, complete services and core strategy.
Money Advice from Warren Buffet EduCounting
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Money advice from Warren Buffet

He’s probably one of the greatest investors of our generation, and all generations. In this video we share some staple advice that anyone can use, from the Oracle of Omaha.
Reduce Your Taxes Through Smart Charitable Giving Use a Donor Advised Fund EduCounting
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What is a donor advised fund?

A Donor Advised Fund allows anyone to contribute NOW to a dedicated account and receive a tax deduction. Then, be more giving as your invested funds GROW. Learn more about how you can give MORE generously and save on your taxes.
Facts about Mutual Funds Educounting
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Facts about mutual funds

What is a mutual fund, how do they work and how do you find the right one for your investment strategy? We break it down in this quick video.
Why You Should Consider International Investing EduCounting
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Why you should consider international investing

If you aren’t investing in international assets, you may not be as diversified as you think. Find out why it’s important to look outside the US for your investments and how international markets can help you with your overall financial strategy.


How to Get Money Motivated EduCounting
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How to get money motivated

Money doesn’t define you and it’s nothing to be afraid of. Here are a few simple tips to get a handle on your finances and feel good about taking control of your financial health.
What is the Cost of Raising a Child EduCounting
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What does it cost to raise a child?

Most people will tell you if you wait until you are financially ready to have a child, you likely will never have one! That isn’t exactly true, but raising a child is expensive and there are ways to prepare yourself before you decide to grow your family. 

Top 10 Worst Money Mistakes You Can Make EduCounting
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Why do we struggle with money?

No one deliberately is bad with money. Emotion, circumstance or just lack of knowledge is usually the reason people struggle with money. Find out the top 10 worst mistakes you can make with money and how to ensure you don’t fall prey to them. 

What are some of the issues when you lack financial literacy EduCounting
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Why do we overspend

Most schools don’t teach it. Without the right tools, it can be a challenge to make the right choices. What are some of the issues many Americans deal with when it comes to finances.
What's an Emergency Fund and Why You Need One EduCounting
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What’s an emergency fund and why you need one

Often called a rainy day fund, an emergency fund is something everyone should have, well, in case of emergency. What happens if you have a major auto or home repair, need to have surgery, or lose your job?


What is a 529 EduCounting Podcast Tax Deduction
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What is a 529?

Did you know you can put money away for your child’s college education and it saves you money on your taxes? Learn all about the advantages of the 529 and all the ways you can use it for your own or your child’s college education.
Weird Tax Facts EduCounting Videos
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Weird tax facts

Did you know that cowboy boots are tax exempt in Texas, but hiking boots are not? Learn about this and other quirky tax facts in this short video.
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