5 Ways to Save without Sacrifice

5 Ways to Save without Sacrifice

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Our money-saving tips will leave extra cash in your pocket and keep you smiling.

Saving money can sometimes feel painful, but it doesn’t have to be!

You may not believe that because, if you’re like me, you were raised to think that we need to make sacrifices if we want to save a few bucks, but the truth is that our mantra doesn’t have to be “No pain, no gain.” 

If you REALLY want to experience the long-term benefits of saving money, getting locked into a new mental mindset and adjusting your daily habits will go a long way. 

So, we’ve put together a list of five surefire ways to save money without sacrificing your quality of life. 

Whether you’re trying to build your savings account, cut back on your spending, or just looking for some extra cash for the latest and greatest gadgets, these tips will help you achieve your goals.

1. Save Money by Creating Lists.

Make a list and stick to it if you want to save money.

So who am I to tell you how to run your life? Well, I’m just a guy who cares, but I’m also a guy who knows how money issues can weigh on a person. 

We all know that impulse buying is one of the easiest ways to spend more than initially intended. That’s why grocery stores put candy in the check-out line, and I should never go into a guitar store alone. 

By creating a list before you go shopping and sticking to it, you can prevent those unnecessary purchases from happening.

If you’re one of those who doesn’t like to plan before shopping, maybe that’s why you find yourself overspending. There are many things I don’t like, such as being poor. I’ll bet we at least have that in common. So, I suggest you try it, at least once. What’s the harm? Even if it prevents you from buying one unnecessary item, you’ve won!

Make It Happen Diary Concept

2. Save Money by Clipping Coupons.

In the movie Elf, Will Farrell emphatically says, “Smiling is my favorite!”It makes me smile (if not laugh) every time, and we always use that line around the house.

You know what else makes me smile? Saving money, because saving money is MY favorite, and one of the best ways to save money is to clip coupons. So get out a pair of scissors, and let’s finally start putting those kindergarten skills to good use.

These days, plenty of apps and online programs allow you to harness the power of coupons without going old school. So, put this one on your list of favorites and start saving!


3. Save Money by Asking for What you Want

You know the old saying, “Ask, and you shall receive.”

It’s good advice, but most people don’t follow it.

If I hadn’t asked my wife out on a date, we wouldn’t be married right now. I’d say that’s a big win!

So if you want something, you have to ask. 

Do you want to save money? Just ask.

Cable companies do NOT want to lose your business. If you want to score a better deal, all you have to ask. 

How about credit card interest rates? 

First of all, you shouldn’t be carrying the bad debt from credit cards, but this is a safe space, so no judgment. 

If you have a credit card, call the issuer and ask for a lower interest rate. Like the cable company, they don’t want to lose your business. 

I’ve asked banks to waive their fees, for discounts on oil changes, the cable company to lower my cable bill, and much more. If you ask, you’ll be surprised at what you might get. I’d guess my success rate is over 75%.

Investigating question

4. Save Money by Ditching One Streaming Service

I know that I said there would be no sacrifices, but would it REALLY be a big deal to lose one streaming service?

There are more than 200 streaming services available in the US, and the number of streaming services that the average US household subscribes to is around four. 

How many movies, sitcoms, docu-dramas, documentaries, and sports events does one household need?

Hey, I enjoy a guilty pleasure, but how many Real Housewives can one person watch? 

We made a deal in our home during the early days of the COVID pandemic to add Disney+ for three months, and guess what? We still had it 18 months later! 

It only took 30 seconds to cancel the subscription online (while writing this blog) but being lazy all those months cost us money.

This is one of my favorite ways to save money because it was so easy to do, and we didn’t miss it one bit once it was gone. 

When you cancel a streaming service, not only do you save money, but you save time that you were wasting in front of the television, and that’s not such a bad thing either, right?


5. Save Money by Eating at Home.

Learning how to cook Chinese was so much fun! Sure, I made some mistakes along the way, but my Crab Rangoon are delish! 

Eating out is one of the most expensive habits a person can have. Plus, eating at home not only saves money, but it can also be a heck of a lot healthier as well.

Even if you don’t know how to cook, it’s never too late to learn. There are so many self-help videos and blogs that anyone can learn –look at what it did for me! 

People have all kinds of excuses for why they can’t cook at home, from not knowing how to or not having enough time. These days, the pandemic has changed that for most of us and, if you’re following our list, you should be watching a lot less TV anyway. 

Cooking is fun and, if you’re like me, you can do it while listening to a podcast, grooving to your favorite music (expect a couple of comments from the kids), or even watching a television show. But, be careful, because you DO need to pay attention, especially around the hot oil!

Three generation family eating in the kitchen at home

Saving Money Feels Good

Life can be good, especially when you have a few extra dollars in your pocket.

Having extra cash gives you more choices, relieves stress, and builds wealth. Start with some easy wins, and build on them. I know you can do it, and YOU know you can do it. 

Embrace the desire for change, and when you see how easy it is, it will feed on itself.

Ugh, all of this food talk is making me hungry.

I think I’ll try that Crispy Beef recipe while you chew on these five easy and fun ways to save money without (a lot of) sacrifice.

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