Episode 1157: The Electric Economy

The rise of electric vehicles and what it means for the future


Today, Mak and I look at the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, what they can do that gas cars can’t, and how this shift will affect the future economy…

Electric vehicles are getting more and more popular, they have less maintenance costs than gas cars, are safer, and some can even drive themselves. 


But with self-driving cars becoming a reality, and the steady move away from oil consumption how will this affect our economy?


Today, Mak and I dive into the world of electric cars, and what the future of driving really looks like…


“More people like electric cars, they’re quiet, save money by using electricity and they’re like a computer on wheels.” – Mak

“Electric cars are generally safer in an accident because of the batteries which are heavy and in the floor, it’s much harder for a car to roll over in an accident.” – Mak

Time Stamps:

00:20 – Changes in the market this week and how we’ve been in a bull market.

01:19 – The different electrical cars we’re now seeing on the road.

02:10 – The way batteries have improved over the years.

02:56 – Tax credits you can get from the government for certain EVs.

03:49 – Why maintenance costs are so much less for EVs compared to gas cars.

05:07 – What ‘Ludicrous Speed’ is and why people are moving towards EVs.

06:32 – The self-driving feature for EVs and how it works.

08:23 – Why EVs are more suitable for self-driving than gas cars.

09:06 – The number of jobs that could be replaced by EVs.


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