Episode 1154 – School is back BABY!

The cost of going back to school, and how to reduce it with Mak and G


Today, Mak and G look at the costs of going back to school, how we can save money, and the power of budgeting…

Going back to school isn’t cheap, the average American spends a whopping $850 on school supplies when going back to school.


But why are we spending so much, is there a way we can get back to school without breaking the bank?


This episode, Mak and G look at why school supplies are getting more expensive, the power of budgeting, and how we can reduce the costs of going back to school…


“The number one rule of becoming more financially well off is, spend less than you make.” – G


“If you don’t ask, you’ll never get it.” – Mak and G


“Cutting down an activity or 2 can seriously save money, with fees, instruments, and equipment you could be talking $10,000 a year.” – Mak

Time Stamps:

01:17 – Our weekly market update and how crypto’s changed.

02:25 – How much people spend on school supplies and why it’s increasing.

03:03 – How to reduce your spending and save money.

03:38 – The power of making a budget.

04:37 – How the internet can help you save money.

05:43 – Tax incentives, coupons, and the power of ‘price matching’.

08:08 – How to save money throughout your school year.



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