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Episode 149: 40 episodes, $1,400 per min and $1.4 million

Weird Jobs Part 2 with Mak & G
Moneywithmakandg 40 episodes podcast, $1,400 per min and $1.4 million


This “Money With Mak and G” podcast episode, Mak & G are back to look at some more jobs, what they entail, and how much they get paid.

A Bingo manager, a hotdog vendor, or a hair removal specialist, there’s a lot of weird jobs out there, but what do they really entail and how much do they all get paid?

Mak & G are back for the second part of this 2-parter to look at some more unusual jobs and the details behind them…

“We have to be careful and we have to plan what to save so we can invest. If we manage it right we build a safety net and buy what we want and need.”G

“Jobs are the basis for starting your financial plan.”Mak

Time Stamps:
00:00 – Why getting a job and saving is so important.
00:48 – Amy Schneider and her streak on Jeopardy!
01:56 – The question that Amy Shneider got wrong resulting in her loss on Jeopardy!
02:22 – Bangladesh and our friends there that help us produce this podcast.
02:49 – How much Bingo managers get paid and what a urine farmer is.
03:54 – How much hotdog vendors can make a year.
04:39 – How much you get paid as a plane repo man.
05:21 – What a hair removal specialist does and how much they get paid.
05:54 – The most dangerous fishing jobs.

Dirty Jobs
The Deadliest Catch

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MAK: Hey, we’re back, and we’re so glad you are too!  Last week we spoke a bit about jobs.  It’s really the basis for starting your financial plan.  Money comes in from a job.

GRANT: And, then money goes out to pay for living. We have to be careful and have a plan to save, so we can invest. If we manage it right, we build a safety net and buy what we need and want-Video games.

MAK:  I’m sure you’re loving your new Pokemon Arceus, you’ve been in your room all weekend. But, having money helps to cut down on stress, so we can focus on life and enjoy ourselves, AND help others.  

GRANT: The game is awesome. I’ve already got my 5th star. But, you’re right. So, we want to speak a bit about some other unusual jobs out there that make money.  But, I think we have to talk about Amy Schneider.

MAK: Yep, she had the second-longest streak on Jeopardy, but lost last Wednesday.  She won 40 times and got beat by a librarian from Chicago.

GRANT: She won almost $1.4 million, on 40 shows, which, at about 24 minutes per show comes out to about $1,400 per minute which is less than the calc for Vanna White, but still AWESOME!!

MAK:  She had the second-longest winning streak behind Ken Jennings at 74 and Matt Amodio at 38 episodes.  However, she was 4th in winnings, but at $1.4 million, I don’t think she cares.

GRANT: Pretty crazy that it ranks as THE most-watched syndicated program in the US at 9.4 million viewers this season. That’s a huge increase from last season which was ONLY 563,000.

MAK: As she got closer to breaking several records, the week of January 10-17, it had 11 million viewers.

GRANT: That’s amazing. But, I have to say I was shocked at what she got wrong that sealed her demise. Dad says it several times a week. Ok, it was DOUBLE JEOPARDY, and the question was:

MAK: The only nation whose name in English ends in an “h” and is also one of the 10 most populous. (HUMM JEOPARDY SONG) Do do do do do do do, do do do do DOO do do do do do…

GRANT: If you didn’t know.  It’s:

           GRANT/MAK: Bangladesh

MAK: We LOVE that country.  Dad has friends there who’ve been helping us produce videos and podcasts for years.  A big shout out to:

           GRANT/MAK: Arif and Shourov!!  We love you!!

GRANT: They are great for sure and help make gold out of all our screw ups. Dad’s planning on visiting sometime in the next year. But, he’s trying to miss the rainy season and the HOT season too. Should be fun.

MAK: Ok, Jeopardy is an interesting way to make money, like a job. I know you love video games, but some people love NON-video games.  How about being a manager of a game like:

           GRANT/MAK: BINGO!!

GRANT: You heard it right.  Interesting, huh?  It pays between 50 and 100k. How’s that for winning and getting the right Bingo card!! Ok, this one is pretty nasty. It’s literally a job.  It’s a Urine Farmer.

MAK: What, someone who farms pee? Is that right? By the way, whose pee? Isn’t that Port-a potty?

GRANT: Nope, it’s actually a Deer Urine farmer.  They’ll catch deer, let them pee on specially made floors that collect that pee and bottle it.  I guess hunters use it, because it attracts other deer, like perfume.

MAK: I hope they wear gloves. Did you say perfume?  No way.  That’s just nasty.  I hope it pays a lot…

GRANT: It says it starts around $90k and goes to $300k.  Can you believe that?  I wonder how someone came up with that idea. Plus, I read it can be yellow, orange, blue, purple, and more. Crazy, huh?

MAK: Ok, that’s just gross.  Changing the subject… Here’s one for you that I would have never guessed.  You ever see those hot dog vendors who have a cart filled with hot water, and hot dogs?

GRANT: Yep. I’ve seen them.  A great dog is nothing to turn your nose up at.  I miss those Chicago dogs, no ketchup!!! But, I’m glad we can get still get them from Portillo’s.

MAK: Some of the best spots in New York are leased for $300,000 each year.  You have to sell a lot of hot dogs to cover that cost.  But it’s estimated a vendor can make between $100-$300k per year. 

GRANT: Wow, it would have NEVER crossed my mind, but you probably have to be in the bad weather, fight off pigeons (and their poop) and when you get home you probably smell like a hot dog.

MAK: I bet you that Oreo would LOVE you if that was the case.  He’d probably lick your hands for hours.

GRANT: You’re probably right.  He wouldn’t  EVER leave me alone.  Ok, here’s another job that that can pay big bucks.  It’s a repo man for planes.

MAK: Did I hear that right.  It’s a person that goes out and takes back, or reposses a plane, because the owner isn’t paying his bills.  Is that right?

GRANT: You got it. Sometimes you have to be sneaky and kind of steal it back.  You just don’t hook it to your Prius and drive away. You have to have a pilot’s license and fly it out.  You get a 6-10% commission.

MAK: Ok, that sounds a bit exciting, and you get paid only when you return the plane safe and sound. Your pay is a percentage of the value of the plane.  Wait, planes can be SUPER expensive.

GRANT: You got that right.  It’s estimated your pay is between $10,000 and $900,000 per year.  If you like flying some cool planes it might be right for you. That probably don’t repo cheap planes.  

MAK: I saw a weird one for hair removal specialist. People like to have unwanted hair removed.  I think dad has problems with his ears and nose.  So, they could take care of that.

GRANT: They can do it EVERYWHERE on your body.  How about your back, legs, and your armpits.  That might get a little gross. Where do you put the hair when done? Yuck.

MAK: Well, if you’re good with people and like to dish out pain, it might be right for you. That pays around $60k, but I guess if you do an awesome job, you can get lots of tips.  

GRANT: Interesting.  Ok, I saw something interesting about a fishing job that’s super dangerous.  They even made a show called the Deadliest Catch, and had about 300 episodes at the end of 2021.

MAK: They do crab fishing in October for King Crab and January for Opilio Crab.  They show the dangers on deck while ducking heavy crab pots that swing all over while moving hundreds of pounds of crab.

GRANT: It’s almost like a video game because you’re trying to dodge all these dangerous hazards while handling heavy weights, ducking out of the way, retrieving pots, leaning over rails, and dealing with gale force winds which are crazy strong along with huge waves.

MAK: People are hurt and fall over quite a bit, and they need the US Coast Guard to rescue them.  If you can handle it and don’t mind the waves, smell, and bad weather, it’s estimated you can earn $60k.

GRANT: That’s not all that much.

MAK: That’s every TWO MONTHS.  If you work 4 months a year, that’s $120,000.  Not bad

GRANT: That would leave a ton of time for actual video games.  I like that.  Do you want to end on a cold note?

MAK: Uhhhh, that doesn’t sound very appealing.

GRANT: Well, it might be. I found an Ice Cream tester that can make from 35 to 100k. That’s a lot of dairy and brain freezes.

MAK: Ok, that actually doesn’t sound too bad.  What skills do you need for that?

GRANT: Sounds like you may need a degree in Dairy Science or Food Science.  But, you also need a keen sense of taste and be insensitive.

MAK: Well, you’d be good at being insensitive, not so sure about your sense of taste after seeing your choice of clothes last week.

GRANT: Ha ha.  You’re funny.  You actually have to be insensitive to the COLD, so you can work through each one of those brain freezes quickly.  I thought that was pretty cooll

MAK: Got it.  Sorry. If you love ice cream and like trying new flavors, it sounds like a winner.

GRANT: I agree, I think it’s time to say goodbye. So, we’ll see you next week for more…..

GRANT/MAK: Money with Mak & G.  Bye!!

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