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Episode 50: Napoleon returns!

The subconscious mind and the danger of procrastination with Mak & G
Episode 50: Napoleon returns!


This episode, Mak & G look at the next 5 lessons Think and Grow Rich teaches us, the dangers of procrastination, the importance of facing your fears, and more.


Think and Grow Rich teaches us valuable lessons about the importance of our mindset when it comes to reaching our financial goals.


This episode, Mak & G look at the next 5 lessons the book teaches us including, the dangers of procrastination, the value of mastermind groups, and the importance of facing your fears…


“You have to be a decision-maker and not a procrastinator.” Mak


“Our subconscious can learn things that are good for us, and not so good.” – G

Time Stamps:

00:20 – Why we love fall.

02:47 – What cricket is, how the game works, and how long a cricket game lasts.

08:23 – The dangers of procrastination.

09:40 – The value of learning from other successful people.

10:30 – What the subconscious mind is.

11:53 – Different types of fear you can have and how these limit your life.

14:00 – Key lessons from Think and Grow Rich.



Think and Grow Rich


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GRANT: It’s October and I have to tell you that I love the fall. You know, the leaves are changing, and time to bring out the sweaters.

MAK: I get it. We have Halloween at the end of the month, then we’re into the Holiday season, which is always a blast.

GRANT: When mom brings out the wreaths and pumpkin candles, Fall is officially here.

MAK: Hey, I was just thinking…

GRANT: And growing rich?

MAK: Wow, look who ate his “Wheaties” this morning. Looks like you’re ready to go.

GRANT: I am. I think dad, and that Napoleon guy are right. Thoughts are crazy powerful. Just a minute ago I thought about a big fat sandwich and got it.

MAK: I heard you yell and ask mom for it.

GRANT: Hey, but I CLEARLY thought about it first. So, that definitely counts.

MAK: It’s always entertaining to hear YOUR words of wisdom.

GRANT: And I’m happy to give you my “pearls of wisdom”.

MAK: So, tell me “master of the mind”, other than the fall, what are you thinking about?

GRANT: I’m thinking about how I’d like to learn about the last lessons in Think and Grow Rich.

MAK: That’s definitely a good thought. What’s got you so motivated?

GRANT: I just think you’re right.

MAK: Can you say that again, it’s been a very long time since I’ve heard that from you?

GRANT: Yes, I think you’re right. There was a lot to learn this season. Using your mind sounds like it has amazing powers.

MAK: Yep, and when you have a desire to fuel things, mix in a little faith, sprinkle in some creativity and specialized knowledge, then you’ve got something.

GRANT: A recipe for success!

MAK: You got it. I knew you would catch on to the recipe idea when I said “mix” and “sprinkle”.

GRANT: So, let’s get to it. Ready?

MAK: Yep, I’m ready “Freddy”.

MAK/GRANT: Let’s scratch the itch and finish “Think and Grow Rich”!

DAD: Mak and G, how do you like my “bonny” outfit?

GRANT: Ok, whose “bonny”? And why do you have those long guard “thingies” on your legs?

MAK: Are you going on a motorcycle with that helmet?

DAD: I’m going to a test match? Before I go, do you “fancy a cuppa”?

GRANT: Are you talking about a “copper”, like a policeman?

DAD: No, I’m not talking about a “Bobby”.

MAK: Whose “Bobby”? We’re going to have to figure this out. It’s going nowhere fast.

GRANT: Ok dad you’re talking in code. What are you testing? Are you cooking again?

MAK: If you’re going to make another test “batch” of something dad, maybe it could be more crab rangoon?

DAD: No, I’m the “wicket keeper” and I’m going on to the pitch and play a test match? See you next week. Toodaloo.

GRANT: Ooooookk, “wicket keeper”, what the heck are you “pitching” to at your “test match”? And, next week is 4 days away…

MAK: I’m definitely not following and what’s up with the white outfit. Kind of cool. It looks a little like a tennis outfit back in the 20’s or something…

GRANT: without the helmet and leg guards. Hey, I know how we can figure this out. Mak, do you have your phone? Mine’s upstairs. Let’s Google it.

DAD: Oh, I hope I don’t get a Googly!!!

MAK: Ok, this is just silly. He’s simply making up words again. A GOOOOOGLEEEE. Seriously, nobody says that word.

GRANT: Wait… O—M—-G, check this out… It’s cricket!!

MAK: A bug?

GRANT: No, it’s a game. It’s played in a lot of places, like the UK. Dad lived there. Someone throws a ball. Wait a second…stilllll reading.

MAK: What? Next you’re going to say they spin a “wam-boozle” and catch a “gif-a-dank”?

GRANT: That was creative. But, no, it’s not that. But, it IS going to be confusing though…

MAK: Not sure it could be any more confusing than it is already.

GRANT: There is a ball that is “delivered”, but it’s done by a bowler.

MAK: A bowler? Really (unbelieving)? “Delivered” like a package to the batter…

GRANT: Yep, but he “bowls” the delivery toward the wickets, while the batter tries to protect them by hitting the ball away and getting points.

DAD: Now you’ve got it “mate”.

MAK: And the “pitch” is not throwing the ball? Let me read this. Ok… It’s actually the location on a cricket field where most of the action happens.

GRANT: So, that’s where you bowl, bat and score points. And, the wickets are on either end of the pitch.

MAK: So, what’s a wicket in cricket? Funny… Wicket in cricket. That’s not easy to say? Try it.

GRANT: Wicket in cricket.

MAK/GRANT: Wicket in cricket. Wicket in cricket.

MAK: That was fun. Is the “pitch” like the batter’s box? Lots of action happens there in baseball.

GRANT: Yeah, but it says it’s MUCH bigger and the “pitch” has a “batter’s box” on both ends where the wickets are.

MAK: Strange, and look at that funny bat. It’s flat on one side, like your head when you were little. Ok, one thing at a time. So, what are the wickets?

GRANT: Ha, ha funny. You can think of them like three pieces of wood coming out of the ground about 28” high. That’s about 3 inches below my waist. They’re called “stumps”.

MAK: So, you’re trying to protect the stumps?

GRANT: Yep. If you hit the stumps with the ball, you’ll knock over the little pieces on the top called “bails”.

MAK: Could they just use one word that I understand.

GRANT: How about bat AND ball.

MAK: Ouch, you got me there. So, are you saying these “bails” sit on top of the 3 stumps and kind of balance there?

GRANT: Yep, they’re about 4 inches long, and the batter protects them while the ball is bowled at around 90 miles per hour at the wickets.

MAK: Can you tell me just one interesting thing I can understand?

GRANT: Well, if you hit the ball outside the playing field past the “boundary” you get a “6”. Kind of like scoring a homerun.

MAK: Ok. I got that. Only, one more question. Sometimes baseball lasts a long time. How long does a cricket game last?

DAD: My game is called a “test match” and it lasts from 3-5 days. Lots more to learn, so we’ll have to do that another day. Are you ready for the rest of Think and Grow Rich?

MAK/GRANT: Yes we are!!

GRANT: Dad, I really wanted to learn more, so I already printed them out. Here you go Mak.

MAK: Cool, thanks G. Can I do the next one, because I want to hear that deep voice again.

GRANT: Sure thing, my pleasure.

MAK: Well the next one. Hey voice, you came in too early, I have to say it first!!! Are you ready?


MAK: Ok, thank you. For this one, you have to be a decision-maker and not a procrastinator. Nice job VOICE!


MAK: You’re welcome.

GRANT: I think I get this one, for sure. But, maybe we should put this one off until later.

MAK: Grant!!!  You are clearly a procrastinator. Just YESTERDAY you were putting off doing your history homework and it’s due today!!!

GRANT: Well, history is so “pass-ay”.

MAK: That’s funny. Since history is in the past, you used the word “pass-ay”. That’s good. But you’re still a procrastinator.

DAD: If you read the book, not a good thing to be.

GRANT: I know, I’m really working on it, and getting better. Can we talk about this later?

MAK: REALLY G? We’re going to talk now. It says that when you’re a procrastinator you give up on yourself and you may care too much about what others think.

GRANT: Sounds like you have to take action, which is really making a decision to move forward.

MAK: Sounds like you got this one. What’s better than going after your goal, NOW!!

GRANT: You have a point. I like the next one. “Voice” are you ready?


GRANT: Ok, the next one is a Mastermind Alliance. This sounds like dad’s trip to Michigan in the summer.

MAK: It does. He goes up there with successful people and spends a long weekend talking about all kinds of things to be successful.

GRANT: Napoleon says that once two or more minds come together, another more powerful mind is created.

MAK: What better way to be successful than learn from other successful people.

GRANT: Amen to that. Do you remember that story about the guy who sold his company for $10mm because he loved race cars.

MAK: Yeah, he made a racing app, and a company bought it because his followers were the perfect customers for the other business.

GRANT: Race cars. LOVE it!! So the subconscious mind is next. Great job “VOICE”!!

MAK: The voice is back on track. G, isn’t the “subconscious” mind where you’ve learnt things, and didn’t even know it. Kind of like programming

GRANT: Yep. That’s what it says. It holds your thoughts and impressions, and you’re not always aware it’s happening.

MAK: Dad, I remember a story you read about where this guy thought money was bad, and spent everything he earned, to get rid of it.

GRANT: I remember. After getting help, he realized that his parents fought a lot about money when he was young.

MAK: So, he thought money was bad because his brain linked it to problems at home.

GRANT: I’m not an adult, but it sounds like our subconscious can learn things that are good for us and not so good.

MAK: Yep, that’s why you have to feed it with positive visions of wealth and success. That way you program it in the right way.

DAD: You guys are clearly listening. I love it!! Lots of people have been programmed that “money is evil”. The subconscious sure is powerful, and needs good inputs. Hey, what’s next?

GRANT: Well, this is the last one we’re going to cover. It’s FEAR, and it’s the TOUGHEST. Sounds like VOICE is getting a personality.

MAK: It does. Nice one VOICE.

VOICE: Thank you. I thought you’d like it.

GRANT: As we know, you have to face your fears. And, fear can stop people from doing things if you let it.

MAK: Looks like it stops a lot of people from trying. You can be afraid of being poor and afraid of what people will say about you.

GRANT: I could see how that could possibly stop you. But do you remember when we went to Splash Mountain and you were super scared.

MAK: I was really young, but yes I do.

GRANT: What happened? You did it anyway, and…

MAK: It was the MOST AWESOME thing ever. You’re right, we laughed about it for a week. Sometimes you simply have to face your fear, because it turns out great.

GRANT: You got it!!! And, that’s all of them. What’s next for you?

MAK: Well, I think I’m going to put on some “BONNY” clothes, have a “cuppa” and call my friend “Bobby”.

GRANT: Well, I’m going to help dad put his clothes in the “Boot” of his car in the “gair age” and maybe go with him to get some “petrol”

DAD: Nice job. I am simply “gobsmacked”, and I believe one day we will all be “minted”.

MAK: Dad, I think we have to thank everyone for supporting us to complete our 50th episode.

DAD: You’re absolutely right.

GRANT: Before we go, I got one last one… To all our listeners, I think you’re the “bee’s knees!”

MAK/GRANT/BEN: Thank you for all your support!!!! Bye.

Ben’s 2 Cents

Napoleon Hill clearly wrote a successful book that resonated with many. I believe there are very few people who have become successful, or reached their goals through IN-action. It’s easy to wrap your head around the idea that you must be a decision-maker as compared to a procrastinator. Putting off action doesn’t help us move closer to our goal. So be a decision maker.

As we have discussed before, sometimes it takes a bit of mentoring to get where you want to go. A mastermind alliance  is a group of other successful people that can give great insights. It’s like a group of mentors. Have you ever worked with another person and simply came up with ideas much better than on your own. There are various studies that show it can be incredibly helpful coming up with creative ideas or solutions when you work with others. Think about joining a Mastermind group, they’re really everywhere.

Our minds absorb a lot of stuff that we’re not always aware of. I’ve seen that you can tell your kids one thing, but if you aren’t walking your “talk”, they’ll subconsciously pick up on the true reality, AND they’ll figure out that you can say one thing and do another. Breaking your negative thoughts or habits in your subconscious can be VERY tough, but everyone’s journey starts with a first step. And, it doesn’t have to be big. Plant some good thoughts in your mind and get the subconscious recorder in your mind to start playing positive thoughts more than negative ones.

Lastly, fear is built into our DNA to protect us. If we lived on the Serengeti plains in Africa, we need to be afraid of a lion or we would have become dinner. However, when you’re talking about success in our lifetime, we have to take calculated risks and push on our comfort zone. If we keep doing the same thing and expect to get a different result, that’s Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity.

We’ve done 50 episodes and it’s been a great ride. And, we have so much further to go. We hope you’ll continue to stay with us. I would love to say a heartfelt thank you for coming back and listening each week. There have been some tough taping sessions here in the Jones household. But, so far, no blood. We really appreciate your vote of confidence and support.

Thanks for being here, and don’t forget to “like”, comment and follow us. We’re going to take off a week and get ready for Season 9, and we’ll see you all then. Bye!!!

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