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Episode 64: First Video-Black Friday

Episode 64: First Video-Black Friday


In this “Money With Mak and G” podcast episode, we talk about how Black Friday sales are changing, how many sales are made online during Black Friday, and how to save money by buying discount gift cards.


Black Friday is a shopper’s dream but are Black Friday sales dropping and how has COVID changed consumers spending habits?


In this episode, Mak & G discuss the numbers behind Black Friday, how quarantine has affected what we buy, and how to easily save money by buying discount gift cards…


“People buy things to cure their anxiety from quarantine.” – G


“Purchase things you want but only if you have the money to.” – Mak

Time Stamps:

01:49 – How Apple is making their batteries last longer and the future for Apple stocks.

05:16 – What a long-play is in the stock market.

05:55 – How to save money using gift cards.

12:45 – Why Black Friday is called Black Friday.

13:33 – How COVID affected Black Friday traffic.

15:05 – Total spending during Black Friday.

17:00 – The new Xbox and Playstation consoles.

17:58 – The increase in making online purchases with your phone.

19:10 – How quarantine affected Lego and Barbie sales.

20:06 – How Netflix’s ‘Queens Gambit’ affected chess sales.

20:45 – How Harry Potter affected the number of owl adoptions.

23:00 – How COVID cases affected the NASDAQ’s price.



Mak & G Talk Black Friday – Podcast Video



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DAD: Welcome to our first video on Money with Mak and G. It’s a one off video talking about Black Friday and some of the numbers surrounding it from air travel foot traffic and actual sales numbers. You never know what you’re gonna get when you have 12 year old twins in the room. Make sure to go to our Educounting YouTube channel that’s edu and the word counting in order to see this on video. Hello, welcome to Money with Mak & G. This is our first time doing this on a video and we have a wreath that’s going to be looking at this Grant, could you at least give me a Hello and welcome to the show.


GRANT: Hello, welcome to the show. Money with mak & G, and yes, this is our first time and I’m gonna hand it over to MaKenna.


MAK: Hello, everybody. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


DAD: Had a whole bunch of candied yams, right?


MAK: Yes.


DAD: Yeah. So what are we going to do?


MAK: We’re going to talk more about the Black Friday sales, the outcome of what happened with them and 2020, the difference from 2019 to 2020, Black Friday sales, and we’re covering all that in this one episode.


DAD: Yeah, we’re just trying to do a test so that every baby, he’s given a quick little bit of a call out to Bangladesh because he helps us out so much and can put this together. We’re gonna see what we can do with this. We’ve got a couple notes. We’re gonna do what’s called a free flow. The kids you guys have computers in front of you?


GRANT: Yeah.


DAD: Yes, dad. And then we’re gonna go ahead and pick up and we’re gonna take a quick look at a couple of different items. Now. First thing Grant, I want you to tell me just a little bit about your Christmas list. You got a pretty short one, give it to me.


GRANT: So I asked for pod pros like you know, from Apple, their wireless headphones, and they’re like, about this small. And yeah, they go in your ears and they can connect directly to your iPhone.


MAK: And they’re very expensive.


GRANT: Yeah…..


DAD: Expensive. Yeah, I think a Black Friday sale on those things with someplace we sold for 235. And they’re actually on sale for 215. But then we saw him at Costco for 199. Is that right?


MAK: Yeah.


DAD: Yeah. So the airpod pros were with Apple. But the interesting thing about those is that Apple is actually changing things quite a bit. Right. So I don’t know if the camera is still working.


MAK: It’s still on it. Just remember I told you it’s just not like you can’t see yourself. So it just turns off. So it saves power, and everything’s…


DAD: Cool. So the thing that we found out from Kobe and who’s Kobe,


BOTH: Our cousin. Our cousin and if you look back he actually did a podcast with us right, guys?


MAK: Yeah.


DAD: He did. You guys interviewed him. And that was pretty cool. And Grant, it looks like you’re blown you’re…… Welcome to the COVID free zone. But that’s not true. But Kobe was telling us an interesting story. Do you guys remember anything about what Kobe was talking about? Since we’re talking about Apple AirPod pros. We’re supposed to be talking about money and investing. Did Kobe think Apple was currently a goodbye?


MAK: Um, he didn’t, he didn’t buy it early. And then he got a lot of money out of it.


DAD: Yeah. Well, Kobe, when a couple of things were that they’re doing a whole new computer architecture, what’s architecture, any ideas?


GRANT: Like, go home, we’ll do just everything different and like maybe more advanced too.


DAD: Well, and it will be advanced architecture, but architecture is how you build something. And Apple is actually building a whole new processing system, and they’re gonna be doing their own chips inside, which are kind of gonna be the brains. And what he was saying was that these chips are so cool. They used you remember, he told us they use less energy? They produce less heat.


GRANT: Oh, yeah.


DAD: And they’re gonna be pretty darn fast.


GRANT: And pretty darn expensive too.


DAD: Possibly, possibly but he believes and he is a an absolute IT computer tech guru


MAK: Savvy.


DAD: Savvy. So what do you think that would mean? If the computer is using less energy?


MAK: Well, you can use it for longer.


DAD: Hey, he was talking about you know how long that Apple thinks their computers will last with?


MAK: Less battery being burned.


DAD: So how long do you think the battery can last then?


GRANT: I don’t know. How much is a regular?


DAD: Regular battery? Six, six to eight hours.


MAK: So I’m gonna guess this one will be like a 24.


DAD: Well, he was saying they think they can get it to 20 hours.


MAK: Oh, wow. Okay, it was close.


DAD: Do you know? Do you know that annoying little sound that you get on your computer?


MAK: Oh my gosh. Yes.


DAD: What is it?


GRANT: The Fan.


DAD: You’re gonna you’re gonna need it. Are you going to need a fan if the actual processors put off a lot less heat?


MAK: No.


MAK: You’re not. So apples took those bad boys out too. Apples taking them As bad boys out there extending the life of the battery, just because those processes are going to use less, and it’s a much better structure. So Kobe believes and and, you know, we don’t recommend stocks. But Kobe believes that this is a long play, what’s a long play?


GRANT: It’ll last for a while. And it’s like really good stock.


MAK: It’s going to be very popular. It’s basically saying that you should possibly think about investing in these because they might blow up and you might make a lot of money.


DAD: And he’s talking about the long term. That’s what a long play is. So short play, maybe a week, a couple months, but he says, you know, if you hold on to it for a year or two and yes, what’s your hit non Sure.


GRANT: Yeah, it’ll be really popular and like.


DAD: Absolutely.


MAK: I mean, not that many people might know in Los Angeles.


DAD: Exactly.


GRANT: Cobi’s advice.


DAD: Yeah, that’s right. Kobi had some good advice. What about gift cards? Grant? You said he wanted some gift cards, right?


GRANT: Yes, I did.


DAD: And which gift cards were you talking about budd?


GRANT: So for a Nintendo Switch as everyone knows, I love gaming and I wanted to get some gift cards to use for my game.


DAD: Oh, you’re gonna do you’re gonna get some skins you’re gonna get some extra hocus pocus power, some fairy dust and all that other stuff.


GRANT: No, I’m just gonna get credits for a new game that….


DAD: I give you credit all the time.


DAD: Hey, thanks for taking out the trash. You get credit for that.


MAK: Wow dang dang….


DAD: So you get these credits and when you buy jewels or something like that.


GRANT: They’re called credits and they’re basically kind of like tokens.


DAD: Okay.


GRANT: It’s in this game called Rocket League that Kobe actually recommended to me and it started out not as a big hit and then it just went through the roof.


MAK: Exploded.


DAD: Cobi is a pretty pretty interesting cat….


GRANT: He’s like a psychic.


DAD: He called…


GRANT: He knows everything.


DAD: You guys remember Nvidia? NVIDIA he bought I think what he was telling me like $14 a month. Do you guys remember what is now stuck with NVIDIA. NVIDIA.


GRANT: No, I’ve heard that before.


DAD: One of the best like boards that you put into, like running the visuals on a computer. And he was…..


GRANT: OOOh graphics!!!


DAD: Graphics card baby.


GRANT: Yes, I’ve heard of those.


MAK: The stock I just looked up and it says it is around $530. So I mean, if you put in $7 and you got $530.


DAD: Yeah.


GRANT: I think you made a better money then.


MAK: That is $523.


DAD: Him and do you know Q he bought I thought Cuba bought like $7,000 Worth and he sold it and he had like 50,000 That’s why he went to Europe. Do you guys know that? Right?


GRANT: Oh, that’s why?


DAD: Yeah. Because you said dude, I got lots of money. I don’t have to worry about going over there and living over there for a while. It is why you invest. That’s why you’re the best baby. So they told me and I got on board at 147. And it’s 525.


MAK: That’s so good. Yeah. Really good.


DAD: But he also thinks that AMD which is another processor, he bought, I think somewhere in the $15 range. And now it’s like 85 And he said it’s just crushing you guys. Isn’t that the one that does the Ryzen? Maybe we have to get Kobe on the show. The Ryzen is the one that’s super fast….


GRANT: It’s like the memory card right?


DAD: Yep.


GRANT: Yeah. I think they made other stuff… not nearly as popular as the memory card? Yeah,


DAD: But the Ryzen is crushing like Intel and Intel struggling a bit. But we should get him him in here because man, he will talk your ear off and it is some interesting stuff. But one thing that we do want to talk about Grant wanted some gift cards Mak Did you like any gift cards?


MAK: Gift cards wise I’m not a huge gift card person I like yeah, I don’t know. I just can’t really shop for myself sometimes because I get like, I always just don’t want to spend money. It’s just like a bad habit. But it’s a good one at the same time. But it’s like not Yeah. So I can’t really be trusted and spend money. I probably will just stuff the gift card somewhere and not use it because I’ll be like….


DAD: Do you guys remember our gift card drawer? We have like $600/$700 worth of gift cards.


MAK: And we never used them.


DAD: David busters Yeah, to the…..


MAK: Yeah, I don’t know why?


DAD: People talk I got 200.


GRANT: Okay, I’ve only seen them, like Dairy Queen and Arby’s.


DAD: Oh, yeah. The turkeys were there for like 10 or 15 bucks. But we got a couple of $30 ones. We got that too….


GRANT: I give you the apple gift cards. There were 325.


DAD: Yep, yep.


MAK: Oh, and I have to say the thing about gift cards. If you’re planning to spend it like dinner or something already. You should recommend buying gift cards first because you might save even a couple of dollars. I mean, it’s still good, because people will trade those gift cards for a less expensive price because they don’t want to go there. And you can save money and even $1- $2. I mean it’s still worth it.


DAD: You know if I have to say that McAdoo is actually listening to me because there’s two. If you guys remember the websites that I always used to do, my mom always thought I was crazy. It’s like, what are you looking at? Are you looking at pictures of? Well, that’d be pretty girls. And I’d be like, no, no, I’m looking at gift cards, and I was literally addicted to buying cheap gift cards. Do you remember? I give my $25 gift card for like $17.


GRANT: Honey?


DAD: Oh, no, no, honey, honey is the discount that you use on your computer. But remember, raise our Cardpool.


GRANT: No I don’t remember that.


MAK: I kinda remember.


GRANT: Oh, you bought the gift cards off a phrase and you’re like, they were so much cheaper. So we went there so much more often.


DAD: Like 20-25% off and buy it before we left the house. And….


GRANT: Like we got this like a free dessert that one time I feel.


DAD: Yeah, we did that too. So it’s just it’s just a great money saving tip. Right? You buy gift cards? You guys buy this online? And did you….


MAK: Twisting their mind guys.


GRANT: Do the research?


DAD: Do the research. Yes. No, but seriously, did you guys get any Black Friday, like, promote promotions that essentially talked about gift cards? Do you remember? Julio is my favorite Mexican place? Southwestern Mexican glue? Makenna barfed there once.


GRANT: Oh, yeah. Oh, that was really good.


DAD: Was good. But remember, we were talking about who he is. I don’t remember. But Oh yeah. You could buy like $100 worth of gift certificates. And then they would give you like a 50% bonus they’d give you like $50. But you had to use it in the first three months of the next year. So you buy it for Christmas. You get to start using it before March of the…


GRANT: We also do the thing with your birthday, too, they would give you a bit….


DAD: They gave me points for my birthday.


GRANT: Yeah.


DAD: But the point is, it’s Black Friday, and right around this time, they’ll give you a bonus. If you buy cards, they’ll give you like a 20 or 50% bonus. And so it’s super cool.


GRANT: Just for Black Friday.


DAD: Yeah, just for our well around holiday time…


GRANT: 50%.


DAD: Some of them you got your computer.


MAK: It doesn’t always get like that. Cheap, right? But I mean, some…


DAD: No, but this is a bonus you buy 100 It’ll give you 50 Extra. But remember Costco we went to Costco, and they’ve got gift cards.


MAK: Gift cards? Yeah.


DAD: Where you pay like 80 bucks and get $100 for the gift cards. So anyway, I love gift cards. We can talk about gift cards all day. Geez, man, that just sounds kind of weird, doesn’t it?


MAK: Yo gotta have the whole episode on gift cards.


DAD: But the one thing you know….


GRANT: You get like 50% free.


DAD: Amen, brother. So you didn’t tell you that. Okay, so what about Black Friday results? Right? We did a podcast about how Black Friday is black because….


MAK: The negative and positive numbers are positive on the good ones. And they’re always written in black. So yeah.


GRANT: Red was like a decrease in black was like a big increase.


DAD: Well, when did they decrease it meant that they lost money.


GRANT: All right, yeah, they were bleeding money.


DAD: Bleeding money. That’s why I like to say bleeding. I know. It’s kinda….


GRANT: And then they also got the black thing from like, somewhere in Pennsylvania.


DAD: Oh, yeah. Remember the place. So it was so crowded.


GRANT: Yucky. Especially during COVID.


DAD: During COVID is probably lightened up. And here’s a stat for you guys on the little notes I gave you: is that stores? With COVID? Right? You have to think about with COVID not a store with COVID. But a store during the time of COVID. Do you think they saw more Black Friday traffic meaning people coming through or less?


MAK: I don’t know. It’s kind of hard to say because people are really tired of being in their homes and they want to go out shopping. But then again, it is a virus and people are very, very some people are in very big danger of that. So I feel like yeah, probably less.


GRANT: People could also be thinking that thing like since nobody’s gonna be there. Why not go there? And like a lot of people could be going so.


DAD: Because when you guys are lower or lower when you guys are less aged when you were younger, they would actually have to put people into a line and they wouldn’t let them in. They let only a couple of people in line because they let everybody run into the store and people got killed…


MAK: What?


DAD: Yeah, isn’t that crazy.


GRANT: Yeah, we saw a video of people who like running.


DAD: There has been at least one if not two deaths doing that. Like people were pushing so hard. They fall down and then people would run on him and crush them. Okay, I’m not trying to get all crazy but….


MAK: Can we talk about the Xbox?


DAD: We can but because the reason is, stores saw a 50% drop in foot traffic that means actual people coming into their stores 50% less people than last year.


GRANT: But wait till Cyber Monday.


DAD: No Well, let me give you the other. What do you guys think? Spending in total both ad stores and online? What do you think happened?


MAK: I think online definitely…


DAD: Definitely a lot like an explosion like.


GRANT: Yeah. Like that. Whatever that was. That was like…


DAD: That was a big explosion. Like, check out your local theater. It’s explosive. Boom.


GRANT: Okay, enough of advertising.


DAD: All right. So 50% Drop in foot traffic, but how much spending overall?


MAK: Bigger.


DAD: Well, you got it in front of you. Black Friday results.


GRANT: $5.1 billion.


DAD: Well…


MAK: 22%? Increase.


DAD: Prior year? I think people get bored and just want to spend some money. Yeah. Do you think people took vacations?


MAK: No.


DAD: No. So they had some money from there. Do you think they went out as much?


MAK: No, no, definitely not.


DAD: Do you think they just overall bought more clothes?


MAK: Yes.


DAD: Do you think so? I don’t think so.


GRANT: No, people buy things if they got anxiety like from quarantine.


DAD: And what do we call that? Remember, we call that like, they call that retail therapy stress by…


GRANT: Like stress eating.


DAD: So they were spending how much money were they spending per minute so they bought it? They blew it up? 22% increase over prior year. They shattered it by $5.1 billion online 50% Drop in foot traffic? How much were they spent in a minute?


GRANT: Ah, $6.3 million.


DAD: Man. Did you say pull that out of your head? That’s awesome. Yeah. Totally. So 6.3 million is what they did. So what are some of the big deals? Are you guys any? You know? We’re watching NBC? What does NBC tell us?


GRANT: The PS five and the X Xbox series X?


DAD: Tell me about it. Kids. You guys are on this.


MAK: So basically, a lot of the consoles are releasing new.


GRANT: Yeah. Two of them.


MAK: Yeah. Two of them. To the consoles. To the big big boy consoles are releasing two new consoles to add on their series like the X Xbox five and the…


GRANT: Ps five and Xbox series X. So Sony and Microsoft. Right?


DAD: Okay. But I know, you know,



Sony. Yeah.


DAD: But who? So did they do pre sales on that? Because Coke was telling us about that, too. They did pre sales.


GRANT: Like for what the consoles are?


DAD: Yeah. I mean, what they do is they say, Hey, if you want one, you can buy it early, but we’re not going to deliver it to us till a specific…. That’s a pre-sale.


GRANT: Pre purchases.


DAD: Yeah, pre purchase.


GRANT: I actually don’t know,


DAD: Well, you know, it’s right in front of you. So you need to take a look at some of the stuff you know, that we found out is that, check this out. This deck came up. There are more mobile phone purchases than we have seen. So out of all the purchases that are online, because you can be on your phone online or on your computer. They’re saying of all of the online purchases, half of them, almost half of them. I think it was 46 or 47%. Were on a mobile phone. Isn’t that crazy? People are doing less on their computer going online? And they’re doing it on their mobile phones?


MAK: Really?


GRANT: Oh, yeah. Also, because of the release of the 11 and 12.


DAD: Yeah. But not everybody has those. They’re just buying more. No, no, not the phones that the phone they’re buying? When they go to buy clothes or bikes or computers they are doing it more and more on their actual phone. No matter what kind of phone they have.


GRANT: Wait. So it’s just fun, not laptops, or I mean, just


DAD: It’s about 50 – 50 Is what I’m saying.


GRANT: Oh, okay.


DAD: So people like if you’re walking down the street, they’re buying, you know, anything, clothes, electronics, TVs are doing it on their handheld mobile phones. So I thought that was pretty good. They even mentioned Legos were getting …..


GRANT: Like I know. I mean, like Legos was always big, but like, I didn’t expect it to be like that high up.


DAD: Do you think that’s crazy? I mean, you love Star Wars. Remember those ones?


MAK: I just feel like I’m in quarantine especially. I think people are trying to find something to do at home. Because you can imagine I mean, that’s what you do at home when you have time. And now we have a lot of time.


GRANT: Also there were Barbies too.


DAD: Yes, they had Barbie. Barbie so it’s a little weird, huh?


GRANT: Yeah, like, honestly, since I was growing up I never really thought of Barbie as being a big hit anyone?


DAD: Did you have a couple Barbie things? Tell me. What do you have a couple of Barbies?


GRANT: I used it once or twice.


MAK: Like, I shouldn’t even think. Wait Did I?


GRANT: You’re like the Canon Barbie? Like the regular one.


DAD: But you know what the other thing they said is that so Netflix and this is for the adults more because you guys didn’t see it. It’s called the Queen’s Gambit. And the Queen’s gambit is a chess move if I understand it correctly, but the whole Netflix series is called the Queen’s gambit. And you know what they said? Since people saw that series, people got really excited about chess. And what do you think happened to the sale of chess and chess related items like the actual pieces, or the chess board? What do you think happened to that?


MAK: Went up a ton.


GRANT: Just because of a shilling?


DAD: But that’s what’s so crazy. 300%.


GRANT: 300%?


MAK: No way.


DAD: BlackFriday tripled. Do you know? Do you guys know Harry Potter? Right. Check this out Mak.


GRANT: I said the Goblet of Fire.


GRANT: They have a huge chess match.


DAD: No, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the fact that when Harry Potter came out, what did he have that delivered his mail?


MAK: Oh, the owl.


DAD: The owl. Do you know what happened? With the adoptions of owls after Harry Potter came out, why or presents for Christmas of an owl? Hopefully MaKenna is gonna back me up when she takes a look at this because I might have typed it up shed MaKenna. Did they sell a ton of owls?


GRANT: I mean, that’s kind of cool, though. But like…


DAD: It’s cool but… How do you take care of an owl? You haven’t heard of it? The number of owls that were actually sold or bought for gifts. After Harry Potter came out it became popular, skyrocketed like multiplied by 10 or something just crazy. Yes, look at it.


GRANT: I mean, like I was our cube, like a cooling cube but like some of that’s a lot. That’s a lot.


DAD: Did people go ahead and buy owls after seeing Harry Potter?


MAK: I can’t find the exact number but I found an article saying that Harry Potter was blamed for a bent abandoning owls because they can’t take care of them. They’ve never taken care of owls before and since they bought them, which is really sad, but like, I mean, it’s kind of crazy that…..


DAD: Here’s this, here’s a quote from 2012. I don’t know exactly where it’s coming from. But it says there’s always been a market for owls’ pets for many years. But since Harry Potter came out the increase probably doubled or tripled overnight.


GRANT: Overnight.


DAD: Overnight means like it came and bam Harry Potter films are blamed for abandoned owls right there. Increase at North whale sank sanctuary you know what a sanctuary is right to take them off your hands. But…..


GRANT: That was like a pound but….


DAD: The Harry Potter movie did that. But that’s the kind of weird stuff that happens. Now the PS five hottest gifts. But here’s something you know that I wanted to ask you guys. We get Cyber Monday right around the corner. And because the stock market is doing some crazy stuff, did you see what happened? Come on. You guys are supposed to be my kids, man. Think about money. The NASDAQ which has what old companies? Or does it have the new tech companies normally.


MAK: New tech.


DAD: I will be better. So NASDAQ hit another high? A high. So when you took all of the complaints that are in the NASDAQ…. oh, I don’t remember, but it was pretty significant. But the overall idea is how many cases of COVID is the USC?


GRANT: Like one million?


DAD: You gonna you can look at it. How many new cases? Yes, yesterday. So if you look at that number, it has multiplied by like five or six times, right? You’re in 160,000 ish cases every day. Is that what you’re looking at Mak?


MAK: I was looking at the NASDAQ.


DAD: You are okay. But we have 160,000 cases. MaKenna, What happens if more people are getting sick?


GRANT: 4491 yesterday.


DAD: 4491. Okay.


GRANT: If the last high or like the all time high? I mean, kind of it was November 14.


DAD: And how much was it then?


GRANT: 8327.


DAD: Oh, whoa. Grant was talking about Indiana cases. So the NASDAQ Composite was 12,200. All right. So if you look at it 12,200 previous high was 12,056 back and looks like September. All right. But here’s the thing. What does that mean when more people are getting sick because if you look at the numbers, they’ve multiplied by five or six times a day, so we got about 160,000.


MAK: Why are people dying?


DAD: Well, what a happy thought. But we’re not talking about what we are talking about is going to people gonna stay at home more now.




DAD: Are they going to use Zoom?


GRANT: Yeah.


DAD: Are they going to use what’s the bike?


MAK: Yes.


DAD: They’re gonna use more Amazon’s gonna be doing In more Google more office 365, all that stuff.


MAK: It’s the new generation of technology.


DAD: More video games, bam.


GRANT: Oh, PS five.


DAD: Because look, if you got 160,000 people that are getting sick, right, and they’re more people going to be staying home.


MAK: It’s basically like an internal rainy day.


DAD: It’s like any rainy day. But the NASDAQ has tech companies. Right? The NASDAQ has tech companies, which a lot of those are affected by people getting hit with COVID. Because they’re staying inside. They’re playing on rainy days, right? So when we think about all this, we’re thinking, hey, Blackfire, Friday results are up. We got apples with some new stuff going on. We got some really killer things that are happening online. We’re gonna have Cyber Monday and some other cool stuff going. But when we look at all this, would you want to say?


MAK: Oh, I was gonna say that. There’s also some other technology that people bought like Apple watches and TV screens like…


DAD: Yeah, TVs always seem to be a big one over the holidays. Maybe we should have waited, but we just needed a TV down in the main room, didn’t we?


MAK: Yeah.


DAD: So we’ve seen a lot. We’ve seen a lot of stuff that’s happened. We’re really happy about what’s been going on. And we’re going to be back. As always, we’re going to have a little Christmas special. A couple of cool things going on Mak What’s your last comment before we move forward?


MAK: Eat more chicken last comment is stay safe people wear your mask.


GRANT: Don’t get sick.


MAK: Sorry, I forgot the microphones down over there. Don’t get sick. Don’t do stuff like that. Because…


GRANT: Be online and order stuff for Cyber Monday if you want to.


DAD: Only the stuff you need right there. We’re just talking about money, right? Save your money.


MAK: Don’t purchase things you don’t want.


GRANT: I mean, you can buy a PS five, just like…. I don’t know.


MAK: If you have the money too…..


DAD: So when you’re signing off, it’s supposed to be quick. Like, Hey, be safe out there. Take a Cyber Monday. We’ll see you next time at Money with mak & G.


MAK: We’ll see you next time…..


DAD: Is that it?


GRANT: Yeah.


DAD: Okay. Thanks for being here.


MAK: Stay safe. Thanks for being here. And we’ll see you next time.

DAD: Bye!

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