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Episode 70: Christmas, Corona, Stimulus, Pizza and the markets

Corona, vaccines and how they’re affecting the markets with Mak & G
Episode 70: Christmas, Corona, Stimulus, Pizza and the markets


This “Money With Mak and G” podcast episode, Mak & G look at how COVID has been affecting the markets, the soaring value of Bitcoin, and how far the end of the pandemic really is…


With vaccines being released, stimulus checks being sent out, and the emergence of a more infectious strain, this episode we’re looking at the future of Corona.


Mak and G talk about how the stimulus package will affect the economy, what we need to do to achieve ‘herd immunity’, and what all this uncertainty is doing to the markets…


“The bitcoin is where you can make some series moola.” – G


“If more people get Corona then the stock market goes crash.” – Mak

Time Stamps:

01:22 – The different topics we’ve covered this year.

03:50 – Who the richest person in the world is.

05:25 – The creation of a vaccine and how popular getting a vaccine is.

08:09 – Herd immunity and why we need everyone to get the vaccine.

09:38 – The stimulus package and how it will affect the economy.

10:40 – What unemployment means and what happens when you become unemployed.

13:06 – How big the stimulus package is and why it’s going to small businesses.

15:22 – What a stimulus check is and how much money we’re getting.

17:00 – The vaccine alliance Gavi that’s bringing vaccines to children around the world.

18:05 – The new COVID strain that’s even more contagious.

19:18 – What happens to the stock market during uncertainty.

19:56 – What Bitcoin is, how it works, and the new peak it hit.

23:36 – What the markets have been doing.

24:30 – The different companies in the Nasdaq.

25:27 – The types of companies in the S&P 500.




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DAD: Hello and welcome to our first Christmas video edition. And I’d like to welcome everybody here as we go ahead and kick off our first podcast. Now this is gonna be the first time it’s not been scripted. Grant, would you like to wish a holiday good cheer?


GRANT: Happy holidays, everyone. Few days until Christmas. Maybe when you see this will be Christmas and yeah, happy holidays.


DAD: Okay, Mak, how about you?


MAK: Happy holidays, everyone. Yay. I’m so excited because Grant and I just finished our exams. So we’re all done with that. And we’re so ready for Christmas and all the other holidays.


DAD: Awesome. Now, the holiday present that we’re bringing to them is this video, right? No longer doing the scripted new format. Are you guys excited about no scripts? Yeah. You guys get to a point where you’re just so frustrated with dad telling you, you didn’t say it the right way. Now you can say whatever you want, right? Yeah, baby.


GRANT: You can’t tell us what to do now!


DAD: Well, maybe I can. What? So? So what’s going on in your lives just real quick, like a 32nd thing? What’s happening? Anything you read on YouTube? When you call Instagram? Anything?


GRANT: I mean, not much. Just everyone’s getting prepared for Christmas. And everyone’s happy that exams are over. So that’s a really good thing. And everyone’s on break. So yeah, it’s all good.


DAD: Cool. Mak, nothing?


MAK: I’m just happy exams are over.


DAD: So you guys are a little bit of a blur with all this stuff happening. Great. Yeah, I’m tired. Well, you know how we’re just moving into this, this whole new format. The thing is, Mak and G so far over this year, I went back and looked and the first thing that I remember very beginning of this year was the stock market crash episode where we went into some detail about what happened. Grant you remember any other seasons that we did?


DAD: Well, we did talk about the oil and how like that affected a lot of things.


DAD: Yeah, the commodities. Do you remember like the seasons, though? So we talked about taxes? We talked about taxes for a whole season. Makenna, do you remember any?


MAK: We did Coronaand like the crash of the stock market and then the opposite downs.


DAD: Isn’t that funny that in January, we did the stock market crash. And then what happened in like, March.


GRANT: It crashed even more.


DAD: Well, it went down like a via pretty big amount. And that’s when we started to talk about Corona and the stock market. And so it wasn’t like a CRASH CRASH back in 1920s. Good, everything started to hit then. Yeah, everything started going crazy, man. Everything. Everybody started getting Corona. And so we at least got through that. And what other stuff that we cover over this past year?


GRANT: Well, we talked about billionaires and being rich.


DAD: And being rich, right? And what was your favorite thing Makenna that you learnt this year?


MAK: I liked the billionaires season that we did, because I don’t know. We just got to talk about like Bill Gates and the weird things he had.


DAD: Do you remember anything that was weird that he had?


MAK: He had the book by Leonardo da Vinci? That was like, five? Yeah.


GRANT: I think he didn’t host like a server in his school or something?


DAD: He didn’t host the server, but he wrote the code for all the classes. Okay, when the boy and the girl schools came together, remember that? Oh, yeah. And he had to say, well, McKenna has English and Science, then Grant has biology and whatever, how do we make sure that they get to the right place and we don’t put too many people in the class. So that was pretty cool. I learned about it. And remember, who was the number one richest person in the world?


GRANT: Jeff Bezos right?


MAK: I almost said Bill Gates.


DAD: Well, Bill Gates was number two but yeah, do you know what happened recently is with the Tesla stock Oh no. Have you on Musk you’re gonna have to look this up to look it up and see if Elon Musk is now considered the richest guy in the world because his stock price as just went crazy. Okay.


MAK: Oh my gosh, we should have done an episode on that.


GRANT: $153 billion.


DAD: Okay, and how much was Bezos winning 140 with his wife included. Do you remember check it out? 186. So he’s closing in on Fast baby. All right, so Well, that’s cool. And we learned some bits think things about the billionaire Kylie Jenner? $700 million maybe is what was really sure. Self made billionaire. Yeah, exactly. But what’s the or so that’s right. And what was she famous for as far as…


MAK: Oh, Forbes, the makeup products that she…


DAD: You remember Cody bottoms? Yeah, she was on Forbes billionaire list, but they weren’t sure cuz she was 7 million. And she sold part of her company or Oliver company for, you know, a lot of money to Cody. Yeah. So what’s the big news now guys? What are you? What are you? What are you hearing in the news? You know, there’s something really big that just happened yesterday that we were just talking about.


MAK: Isn’t there a vaccine that’s coming out?


DAD: Well, the vaccine came out. Yeah. What do you guys think about the vaccine?


MAK: Well, I’m really happy. I think it’s gonna be expensive, though.


GRANT: Oh, one of our friend’s dad’s, he actually got the COVID vaccine.


DAD: Yeah. But remember, it’s two parts. The first part and then 21 days later, they get Oh, yeah. And then you’re not clear for two more weeks. So essentially, yeah. So why did he get it so early?


GRANT: Because there’s something like if he got sick, then he had a bigger chance of actually dying. So you needed to get in as soon as he could.


DAD: Yeah, but they had like a hierarchy though. But his your friend’s dad is a what? Ah, he’s Isn’t he a doctor? He is. So the doctors are getting at first because they’re gonna be talking to people. So they want high risk, because they may get it from other people because her treating other people but in addition to that, though, he is at risk for some other stuff. So we are would you guys want to take the vaccine?


MAK: No, because you were not even allowed to, though, because there’s an age limit.


GRANT: I think we can get the shot though. Maybe.


DAD: You can look it up to while we’re on. But how many people? What’s the percentage of people that actually are willing to take it? Do you know? Um, now you can look it up on your iPad.


MAK: I’m gonna take a guess, though.


DAD: Take a guess. Let’s see.


MAK: I’m gonna say 50%.


DAD: Is about 50-50. Yes, Mak. Grant, find something?


GRANT: Oh, they’re testing the vaccine with people ages 12 and older and older.


DAD: So you guys wouldn’t fit into that, then. Did you see that look? The look of death from Grant. We are 12. Okay, we’re so old. All right. But the thing is, is that about 50%? Think they’re going to take a good…


MAK: I think I know why is because people are thinking that the government is putting a tracking device in them. I know. That’s really dark.


DAD: Well, I think a lot of people how fast how fast did the vaccine come together, do you know?


MAK: Not very fast.


DAD: Not very fast? It was like, just a couple of months. And it was like…


GRANT: A couple months. We weren’t working on it at the start of it? We were living a lie?!


DAD: No, we were definitely. But by the time that they found that there was a disease then started working on it’s been like less than a year. You know how long it takes a normal vaccine? No, really long. There’s a vaccine. And you might want to Google this, but it was out there for 50 or 60 years before they got it right. It’s like crazy. I know. We researched it. So people are a little bit scared that this vaccine may have side effects, you know what side effects are?


MAK: Yeah, they’re basically like, symptoms after you get it. Or like stuff.


DAD: Yeah, exactly. And so people are a little bit afraid of that they ever heard of herd immunity? No, not that means that so many people have to be vaccinated for it not to really spread and so I think you have to be in the upper 80 percents. So if only 50% of the people get the vaccine that might be an issue and why is that important for us at Money With Mak And G?


MAK: Because if more people get corona then the stock market goes crash.


DAD: Well there’s a crash. G we’re gonna say some Um, no, I wasn’t but do people can people go to their jobs? No, no, people are like working from home right? What happens to the money supply? Are people spending money we already talked about oil right people nobody was driving anywhere because it couldn’t go anywhere because…


GRANT: Some things people might buy more of and some other things in my bike less like fuel, toilet paper. Also, cuz some kids they used to go to school like and they get food there. But now we have to buy like lunches and things like that.


DAD: So does it financially disrupt the economy? Yes, definitely. Do you remember when they shut down everything like you couldn’t go or do anything for like, what a month or two. So that all affects financial financially. And that’s why we talked about it. And the big news, which happened just yesterday, which I don’t even know why you guys don’t remember. But it’s called this doom. You lists packing lists. They’ve already done one.


MAK: What is that? What’s the stimulus?



Well, they want to stimulate or make better the economy. So people lost jobs.


GRANT: Yeah, yeah, definitely. Really like…


DAD: Airlines? Are airlines doing really, really well?


MAK: No.


DAD: Hotels doing really well?




DAD: Restaurants?


MAK: No.


DAD: There are actually stuff with restaurants they say you can only have like a quarter of the people you normally have in the restaurant same time and some are just shut down.


GRANT: Well also there’s Chick fil A because they’re doing like only drive thru.


MAK: Yeah……


GRANT: Lot of profit. I don’t know how or why.


DAD: Yeah, it’s a little crazy because a lot more people know that they get them through quick and so they want to buy Chick fil A. So. So their stimulus is that a lot of people have lost their jobs. Right. And to remember how we talked, I don’t know which season it was what we talked about unemployment. What is unemployment?


MAK: When you’re not employed?


GRANT: Like there’s a number under what it’s like supposed to be right?


MAK: No unemployment means that you don’t have a job?


DAD: Yeah, unemployment, it means you’re not employed, which means no job.


GRANT: Oh, I thought it was meant like that, like not enough people are working here. I don’t know.


DAD: Now. Well, that’s why we’re here. We’re here to teach people. So unemployment. What was the peak number of unemployed this year? Do you remember? Well, I’m gonna tell you right here. Right now. 6.6 million people are unemployed. And what happens? Does the government give you a benefit when you’re unemployed to help you get through?


MAK: I think so.


DAD: Well, we’ve talked about it.


MAK: Oh, yeah. Yeah.


DAD: So the government gives you some money to help you get through. And with Corona with more people being sick. The first stimulus package gave 600 extra dollars a week for people. Right? Lucky.


MAK: Lucky.


GRANT: That’s 10 switches every week.


DAD: Yeah. Goodbye, Nintendo.


MAK: Well, that is not how it works. But sure.


DAD: I think people would rather pay for their food and have a job.


GRANT: A PS5 every week.


DAD: Every week? Well, it was 6.6 million was the peak. And they really want to try to help people get through this. Because Are we out of the woods with this vaccine on COVID?


MAK: No.


DAD: By the time they get the vaccine to everybody who wants to take it when you think you will be I’m here in different times.


MAK: Should we put an estimate in….


GRANT: Like six months?


MAK: Go back…..


GRANT: Like for everyone to get it or something?


DAD: Yeah, it’s like, summer of next year.


MAK: Everyone’s who get it? I feel like it’s gonna be, I feel like of next year. I feel like it’s gonna be in December.


DAD: December. Oh, you think it’s gonna be that late? Well, yeah. The estimates were here. I’m hearing is like summer by summer, everyone who wants it will have access to it. So…..


GRANT: Everyone knock on wood.


DAD: Everyone knock on wood? Do you like your knock on wood? I know. So…


GRANT: To uncurse something that you said to make it nice.


DAD: So, yeah, this stimulus package is getting money to people who need it. All right. And how big is it Mak? You got a piece of paper? There was some facts? How big is it?


MAK: It’s… Oh, golly, that’s a lot. That’s 900 billion,


DAD: $900 billion.


GRANT: And they’re under 25 billion for business.


DAD: Right. So the biggest portion is four sets about 40%. Right? Four times nine is 36, which would be 360 billion. So most of it is going to be going to small businesses, right? Because what do small businesses do? Do they employ people?


MAK: Not many cuz they don’t have the tendencies like bigger?


MAK: Yeah.


MAK: Obviously. I mean…


DAD: Well, the smaller business are a little bit more susceptible. And what’s that mean? That means that they’re, they aren’t as strong as the big businesses. So….


MAK: So they’re more open to employing people?


DAD: No, well, no, they what, what it is, is when things go bad, do the big businesses go? Do……


MAK: So the smaller one’s like they have like, kind of, I want to say like a layer of protection like….


DAD: Smaller ones don’t. The bigger ones do. The bigger ones have more money that they can deal with.


GRANT: I thought the other way around, because like you so much more money because of all the stuff that they put in.


DAD: Smaller businesses are the first ones to go bankrupt. So that’s why they’re trying to help the small businesses. Right, so that’s 325 billion. And so do you guys know that when something gets passed, you know, in Congress, do they try to sneak in other things? Did you know this?


GRANT: No, I’ve not heard about these.


DAD: So the stimulus package is supposed to be to help people but one of the things that got in there, can you read it’s 1.4 billion went for….


MAK: For the border between US and Mexico.


DAD: Yeah. 1.4 billion. It’s time to start learning these things. Whenever they try to get things through the two sides who are the two sides Republicans and


GRANT: Democratic.


DAD: They tend……


GRANT: Parties.


DAD: We’re a democratic society, but the Democrats and the Republicans gets right. And 1.4 billion went for the wall between the US and Mexico. And that wild.


MAK: The border.


DAD: The border


GRANT: The border.


DAD: So the big question I’m probably asking is the stimulus checks.You ever heard of these?




DAD: Well, the stimulus….


GRANT: Explained further.


DAD: The stimulus check means money going directly to people and how much we’re gonna get? Can you?…


MAK: 600….


DAD: Per…


GRANT: Adult and child stimulus?


DAD: How much? How much would we get since our four of us?


MAK: We get 1200?


DAD: That’s 664 because four of us.


DAD: You guys totally just finished your math. Your math….


MAK: Brain is relaxing. Give me….


DAD: I am totally giving you a break.


DAD: So and they’re giving remember the first stimulus they were giving $600 a week if you’re unemployed? How much have they given this time? A Week Extra.


DAD: I’m just…..


DAD: $300 a week through March 14. And instead of the high, what was the high number of unemployed?


MAK: I mean, 60 million.


GRANT: Lot of clones of themselves.


DAD: So we did 6.6 million. And right now, the number is 885,000. So not quite a million, but the peak was 6.6 million.


MAK: A lot like a lot better.


DAD: Right? And here’s something crazy. Did you hear that Bill Gates behind the scenes, which means he didn’t get a chance to vote. But he talked to people and he was telling them hey, we really need this. Do you know what it was Bill Gates do? He got how many million?


GRANT: You mean four billion?


DAD: Sorry? 4 billion? Yeah, geez. When you’re talking millions and billions.




DAD: Well, GAVI is an international vaccine Alliance, which means some people came together, and they wanted to vaccine kids, right? You don’t want to leave out kids. If you’re in a poor country,


GRANT: Keep us safe please.


DAD: Exactly.


GRANT: All the adults. We need your help. We are the future.


DAD: But in these other countries where they don’t have the money, GAVI uses that money in order to what do you call? Vaccinate kids? And how many kids have they vaccinated for other things over the past? 20 years?


GRANT: 822 million children.


DAD: 822 million children.


MAK: That a lot. That’s like the population of the US.


DAD: No, remember the population the US is three hundred and thirty…..


GRANT: Almost 1 billion except….


MAK: My numbers aren’t straight today.


DAD: Right. But that’s okay. We’re here to learn. We’re gonna get it straight. And but what’s what’s the scare a little bit of the scary part? What’s that last thing on there? Say that there’s a new….


MAK: New COVID strain that see oh, golly. Seems to strain that seems to be 40 to 70% more contagious in the UK.


DAD: Yeah, that’s right there seen it in the United Kingdom? You know, like….


MAK: Long live the Queen and King. Queen Elizabeth…..


DAD: But this COVID strain they’re a little worried about. Some say that it’s not such a big deal. Others say it might be a big deal. But it seems to be more contagious. What is more contagious mean?


GRANT: Means like, if I were to cough, that direction, it might get to you and you very quickly. Like it spreads everywhere. It’s like one person gets it then like maybe like if you’re in a crowd of like 100 people, then you might have to stay….


DAD: Yeah, it’s easier for somebody else to get it. Yes. All right. So let’s face more contagious, even though your long winded explanation was really good. Yeah, it’s super easy…..


GRANT: That’s right.


DAD: So when we think about it, we’re really talking about this new strain is causing some uncertainty. What happens to the stock markets when there’s uncertainty?


GRANT: They, go….


DAD: The stock market’s doesn’t like uncertainty. So with a lot of uncertainty, the market gets a little jittery.


MAK: This is your time to buy people…


DAD: Is when it goes down. And then Makenna makes a good point. If it’s the same company the possibility of buying it at a discount.


GRANT: I like the free money. Think of it that way.


DAD: It might be….


GRANT: Time it right.


DAD: Oh, so there’s some really interesting things happen out in the financial world and one of them is a little bit new. And what is that new thing starts with a B and rhymes with…..


GRANT: Bitcoin.


DAD: Oh, Bitcoin.


GRANT: Got ’em.


DAD: You guys know what Bitcoin is? Because we may have to get a specialist expert to come on the show what’s Bitcoin?


MAK: I don’t really know much about it but I know it’s a coin and you put like I think you put on a code to your computer and then it grows money right?


GRANT: Like a money tree.


MAK: Yeah.


DAD: Oh man, do we ever have to get you guys….


DAD: Well it’s called a digital currency so just like we have a currency which is like a credit card or the actual physical stuff that we feel Bitcoin is a digital currency so we’re gonna have to get into that but it reached a new high do you guys know what the new high is?


MAK: The new high $4,700.


GRANT: So apparently….


MAK: $24,000.


GRANT: Bitcoin is worth $23,378.


DAD: Well right now, but it went over….


MAK: $24,000.


DAD: Now here’s something for ya. You guys wanna hear something totally crazy?


MAK: Sure.


GRANT: Sure. I love too…


DAD: May 22 of 2010 Somebody bought two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoin.


GRANT: Oh, why that’s very, you could have saved so much money can buy those two pizzas, right?


DAD: Do you know how much that would be worth today?


MAK: I don’t want to know this is sad.


DAD: $230 million.


GRANT: Man. Stop buying pizzas? No, get rid of the habit. Hopefully you hate pizza and realize how much money you could have had.


DAD: But here’s the thing …


GRANT: I just gave it to your grandson or something? I don’t know.


DAD: But here’s the thing. When they bought…. When we bought it those 10,000 Bitcoin are worth $41.


GRANT: Somebody in my grade? Apparently his dad he bought like, like 100,000 bitcoins or something like a long time ago.


DAD: Well, if you did 10,000 worth 230 million now.


GRANT: And he gave away a bunch of them. He was like, only left with like, 100 or so.


DAD: So this person spent $230 million in today’s Bitcoin.


GRANT: But they bought it a long time ago.


DAD: 10 years ago was a long time ago because that’s when it started. So isn’t that crazy? So Bitcoin hit a new high. How much was it again Mak?


MAK: $27,000?


DAD: $24,000.


GRANT: $23,000 according to Google.


DAD: It’s down at $23,000. So Bitcoin was over $24,000. And so by hitting that new peak, that’s pretty crazy. Now, I know, we’re already like, 20 plus minutes in and as we continue to go, the stimulus was a big item that happened, we hit a couple new highs within the market, the Bitcoin went over $24,000. And we’re going to be doing an investment challenge with kids each getting $2,500 We’re going to start it out in January.


GRANT: I could just take it all and run.


DAD: No, no, you can’t. Because my name is audit. So good shot.


GRANT: I could, we’re gonna tell the FBI.


DAD: I’m going to tell the FBI. Yeah. And in the portfolio, we’re going to do how to build it. And we’re going to use stocks, bonds, some funds, mutual funds, and some other stuff.


GRANT: Mutual.


MAK: Mu-tu-al.


DAD: So we’re getting close to the end of the year. What are the markets doing? And I wrote some notes down there. What about the Dow? What’s Where’s Dow? Where did the Dow start the year?


MAK: Okay. Started with like $20,800.


DAD: And then what happens when COVID came and it took a dive? Where did the Dow go down to?


MAK: It dropped to $18,600.


GRANT: Good job.


DAD: And then right now, Grant, it’s around…


GRANT: $30,200 peeps.


DAD: $30,200. Yeah. So we’re gonna get into like, how do you calculate some of the Dow and some other stuff, but the Dow is what we call the blue chip. So those are the big companies that have been out there for a long time Procter and Gamble. The big boys the big boys. Yeah. What about the NASDAQ? You guys like the NASDAQ a lot. Where did the NASDAQ start?


MAK: At 9100.


GRANT: And then it dropped down to 6900.


MAK: And now it’s 12,700.


DAD: Wow. So the NASDAQ full of tech companies can you name a couple tech companies?


GRANT: Tech companies?


MAK: Activision Blizzard.


GRANT: Apple.


MAK: I love Apple. Samsung.


GRANT: Google.


DAD: Samsung? I don’t know if Samsung’s in there but maybe Google


GRANT: Microsoft.


MAK: Can’t forget about Minecraft.


DAD: Intel. Makes a lot of the chips and stuff.


GRANT: Those are like memory chips, right?


MAK: Sony.


DAD: Sony. I have to look. You’re supposed to be Googling this when we go on.


MAK: Could Amazon be?


DAD: Yeah, Amazon is they are considered because they have like a lot of different things like AWS, Amazon Web Services, which is considered tech. And so they have really from 9000 beginning the year over 12,000. Now right now that’s a big jump, especially when it went down to 6900.


MAK: Can’t forget about the Bitcoin one.


DAD: What about the s&p now? The s&p 500 Right, Dow was the big guys. Then we got the NASDAQ which Tet tech and then the s&p 500 grasstree Maybe I don’t know. Well, the s&p 500 is 500 Large companies in there but it’s from all different sectors unlike the NASDAQ which is they’re like all different places.


GRANT: So it means it could have like Kentucky Fried Chicken?


DAD: You could have that I think that used to be owned by yum, yum. Why you used to own that truck, you know, Pepsi, I thought.


GRANT: Kentucky fried chicken yum. I copyright that.


MAK: No.


DAD: So what about, Mak, what did s&p start out?


MAK: S&p started out at 3200.


DAD: What did it go down to G?


GRANT: Went to 2200.


DAD: And then went back up to…


MAK: 3700.


DAD: So that should give you an idea that man things go up and down in the stock market and as we look at it and look at your portfolio we’ll probably see the same thing do you need to say something G?


GRANT: No, I was gonna say, but wait, bitcoin is where you could have made some serious moolah.


DAD: What was it?


GRANT: Well, so it started at $7200 and then…


DAD: Where to go down to Mak?


MAK: $4800.


GRANT: But then it came up to $22,700. So from $4800 to $22,700. If you could have bought a ton of those, he would live like you know a huge grand mansion. That’s how it works. Yeah,


DAD: That gives you a little bit idea of what happened. We talked about the $230 million pizza the market how it went up and down but also the stimulus package which we’re gonna hear a lot more over the coming day so when we go through this we’ll we’re gonna continue to get better and better you guys will bring your iPads and your computers or look up some stuff. Get serious on it and if there’s any parting device for the or advice for this last week of Christmas what would you guys say?


MAK: Stay safe guys. You got it.


GRANT: So close to Christmas. Also Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Wait, what was it called? Chanuka?

DAD: No. Hanukkah is fine. So in the day, happy holidays to everybody. Thanks for being here. We’re so appreciative. Glad you’re staying with us as we continue to move forward and we’re gonna see you next week prior to New Year’s as we take a quick look back. Thanks everybody. Bye! Happy Holidays!


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