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Episode 75: Limited Series on Successful People’s Stories

What makes people successful
Episode 75: Limited Series on Successful People's Stories


This podcast has been created for a fun, easy listening experience for the entire family to learn about money, wealth, and take away lessons from those who became rich.


The best way to learn about anything is to look at others who have already been successful at it, so what can we learn from wealthy people and those that have been successful in business?


In this upcoming series, we’ll look at some very successful people and what we can learn from how they made their millions…


“The most wealthy individuals in the world were entrepreneurs and wildly successful despite obstacles.” Ben Jones


“Succesful people, they all have a story.” – Ben Jones

Time Stamps:

00:10 – Giving learning opportunities for the whole family in a fun way.

00:25 – What the money mindset is.

00:45 – Why wealthy people have an entrepreneurial spirit.

01:02 – The lessons we can learn from successful people.


Connect with Ben Jones:


At Money with Mak and G, our objective is to give learning opportunities for the entire family in regards to money without the education feel, because we want to have fun to one big discussion we all know about is the money mindset, a belief system in what is possible, how to respect money, how to evaluate opportunities, how to be patient, as well as how to better our lives through adjustments in how we see and react to the world around us from a financial perspective. A big portion of those who are wealthy had an entrepreneurial spirit in jobs as employees or starting a new business. We’ve seen the most wealthy individuals in the world were entrepreneurs and wildly successful, despite obstacles. Bezos, Gates, Oprah, Elon, we don’t have to be billionaires or even want to be, but there are many things we can do to better our personal financial position. We want to dive into the stories of individuals that I know and others I don’t, who have had varying degrees of success. We’ll explore that entrepreneurial spirit from the highs to the lows and pivots along the way. These stories are mostly about normal average people, their parents didn’t have millions, and many didn’t really know what the heck they were doing or where they were headed. When they got started. Over my years of speaking to successful people, they all have a story. And that’s what we hope to bring to you in this limited series. I hope you enjoy it as we work on your money mindset of what’s possible. Thanks for being here.

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