Episode 8: The Quest for More Money

How to make more money with Mak and G
Episode 9: Making More Money


Season 2 is here, and Mak and G are taking on a new challenge, teaching you how to make more money…


We’ve had so much fun sharing everything we’ve learned about money that we’re going to take it even further.


This season, we’re back in action, and we’re inviting you on our adventure to learn how we can make more money…


“Tune in to discover ways you can make more money.” – Mak


“Those toys aren’t going to buy themselves!” – G

Time Stamps:

00:00 – Introducing Season 2 and how you can discover new ways to make more money.


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#1 Where are higher-income families more likely to do most of their Christmas shopping, compared to lower-income families?

A) At a pet store
B) At the North Pole
C) Online
D) At a yard sale

#2 What are lower-income families more likely to use to pay for Christmas shopping?

A) Home-grown vegetables
B) Compliments to the store clerk
C) Monopoly money
D) Credit card

#3 How do 29% of Americans plan to pay off their holiday bills?

A) By doing the dishes for six months
B) By joining TikTok and hoping they go viral
C) Using their tax returns
D) With money from generous strangers

#4 How long did we calculate a typical $1500 credit card bill would take to pay off at average interest rates if you only paid the minimum amount?

A) 44 months
B) Forever
C) Ten years
D) Never

#5 Prices today are around 50% higher than 20 years ago because of what?

A) 44 months
B) Forever
C) Ten years
D) Never


GRANT: Hey, everyone, it’s me, Grant.


MAK: And Makenna. And together, we’re ready to take on a new challenge.


GRANT: We were so excited to share everything we’ve learned about money with you.


MAK: But now we’re going to take it even further. This time, we’re going bigger than ever.


GRANT: Mack and G are back in action and we’re inviting you to join us on our adventure to make more money.


MAK: So today discover ways that you can make more money too.


GRANT: Those toys aren’t going to buy themselves, you know. 


BOTH: See you soon.

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