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Episode 83: Valentine’s Day is red, but there’s a lot of green too

The costs of Valentine’s Day with Mak & G
Episode 83: Valentine’s Day is red, but there’s a lot of green too


This “Money With Mak and G” podcast episode, Mak & G look at the cost of Valentine’s Day, how we can save money during this holiday, and some of the worst gifts people get their partners…


Just like every holiday, Valentine’s Day comes with a lot of expenses and generates billions of dollars in revenue.


Today, Mak & G are looking at how much we spend on Valentine’s Day, what we’re spending money on, and where we’re spending it.


We also take a look at if men or women spend more over the holiday and what some of the worst presents are that people get their partners…


“There are about 2,000 dating apps and 59 million people are using them.” – Mak


“The most unromantic gift is what people spend the most money on by 0.1 billion and that is gift cards.” – Mak


Time Stamps:

01:58 – How the markets have been moving this week.

04:25 – How much Bitcoin has gone up in value and Elon Musk’s $1.5 billion purchase.

07:41 – What the economy is and how much money holidays bring in.

08:30 – How much more men spend on Valentine’s Day compared to women.

12:00 – How much people spend on their pets during Valentine’s Day.

13:10 – The number of couples that split up because of money.

14:39 – How to save money on your valentines meal.

15:54 – The domination Amazon has of the online market.

18:02 – How many people get proposed to on Valentine’s Day.

18:42 – How much the online dating app industry is worth.

20:23 – Different credit card bonuses and how we can use them to our advantage.

22:20 – How much we spend on flowers every Valentine’s Day.

23:58 – How much we spend on greeting cards and chocolate.

25:53 – How to get discounted gift cards.

27:38 – The worst gift you can get someone for Valentine’s Day.

30:36 – The increase in manufacturing and how this is helping the economy.




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DAD: Hello and welcome back to Money With Mak And G. Today is February 14. I think we all know what that is. What are those guys? Valentine’s Day! Amen and we’re gonna be covering all the information from the week ending to 12-21. Have some interesting things to talk about, but we really want to focus on Valentine’s Day. Makenna, what’s your word for the day?


MAK: We got braces.


DAD: Oh, no, Grant, do you get braces too? Yes. Smile big, see the braces. Oh, wow.


GRANT: I like them that much.


DAD: Well, before we get started, because we’re talking about that, hey, don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment. You can even comment on their braces I think only if it’s nice things. So what color of races did you pick out Mak?


MAK: I got light blue. 


DAD: Blue is like a crystal teal. water. caribbean water


GRANT: Like something from the Pirates of the Caribbean.


MAK: Oh, well, that’s odd it’s Caribbean. Yeah. 


GRANT: Mine is even for mine is Mediterranean blue


DAD: Uses med blue. All right. 


MAK: And you know, see?


GRANT: Talking about all the oceans 


DAD: We’ve been on the med remember, went to Disney Cruise throughout the med. Absolutely. And now they’re feeling better because the first two days were painful. You guys are having a tough time. But you had a couple days off this week too. Right? 


MAK: Yeah 


DAD: Thursday, Friday and Monday. What’s on Monday guys? 


GRANT: Presidency. 


DAD: Yeah, and February is what you call it? 


MAK: Valentine’s month? 


DAD: A month of Valentine? I think it’s Black History Month. 


GRANT: Oh, yeah.


DAD: So you guys are learning a lot of stuff. I think I’m in school. But today we’re here to talk about money. And I’ve got my fun money shirt on. Because I’m here to say that we’ve done some good day trading and things are going really well. So let’s just go ahead and jump into the markets right away. Grant, you wanna give us a heads up on the Dow? What’s going on with the


GRANT: Dow? It went up about 1%?


DAD: Yep. And then year to date. We’re still on the Dow.


GRANT: And one up about like, 3% 3%.


DAD: So we’re about 3%. Six weeks into the year. Not bad at all. That’s really kind of crushing it with some good news coming out. Mak. What about you? 


GRANT: Day trading?


DAD: Why do you cry? It’s like really happy


MAK: A competition against you.


DAD: Oh, you’re in a competition and yeah, what is day trading you and talk about day trading right now?


MAK: No, not really.


GRANT: Sure. 


DAD: Day trading?


GRANT: Should we make an episode on it?


DAD: Maybe we will. 


GRANT: Okay.


DAD: Okay. But McKenna Hey, what’s up the NASDAQ.


GRANT: NASDAQ went up about 2%. 


DAD: 2% Huge. That’s a huge turn and the Nasdaq who’s on the NASDAQ.


MAK: It’s the top tech companies


DAD: Right and we call the thing, what’s the F for?


MAK: Facebook?


GRANT: Apple.


MAK: Amazon.


GRANT: Netflix. 


MAK: Google.


GRANT: And Microsoft.


DAD: Right? Those are the big ones that are in tech but they’re also in some of the other industries. I think when we talked about the Dow how many companies are there?


GRANT: 30.


DAD: And they’re a small company.


GRANT: Blue Chips.


MAK: They hold big companies like metal.


DAD: But a lot of them have a history. 


MAK: Yeah, they’ve been around for a while.


DAD: And we know that in their name a couple Home Depot. 


GRANT: Apple. 


MAK: Nike. 


GRANT: Walmart. 



Amazon is there. 


DAD: Yeah. So we got a lot of stuff and then the s&p is how many how many companies in it? 


MAK: 500. 


DAD: Amen. See how fast we’re going through this now. It only took us about five weeks. And s&p 500 is it tech companies or blue chips? What is it like? 


GRANT: It’s like the overall big over all the industry


DAD: All the industry so you got 


GRANT: Struction. 


DAD: Hotels you got all kinds of stuff in there so so right now NASDAQ for the year year to date is what up about how much G


GRANT: NASDAQ is the year today? Yep, about 10% up


DAD: Yep. And so NASDAQ is really really crushing it that’s that’s really big for five weeks in and then we have Bitcoin bitcoin is on a tear Mac what happened last week at Bitcoin.


MAK: A Bitcoin see oh, it oh my god.


DAD: We talked about this.


MAK: Hey, it went up about 25%.


DAD: Right. So for the year bitcoin is up how much G? 


GRANT: 63.1%. 


DAD: And who is the big investor this week in Bitcoin? We talked about this.


GRANT: Elon Musk.


DAD: And what do you do if he put in $100? Or what do you put? 


GRANT: He put in like a billion or so?


DAD: Yeah, I think a billion and a half. Yeah. He was just like, hey, Tesla’s putting in a billion hefty. They may even accept Bitcoin as payment for their cars.


MAK: Oh my gosh. 


DAD: Yeah, I read that. I forgot to tell you guys that earlier. But he invested in Bitcoin and what about mainstream? What does it mean? It might be making mainstream Bitcoin?


GRANT: Oh, well, everyone’s gonna start using it and accepting it. Yeah, because banks Are accepting it now starting.


DAD: Banks! Some of them are really talking about accepting that some of them are investing in Bitcoin they’re buying Bitcoin. Aren’t those crazy guys? So that’s starting to change things. We may have to go into depth why that’s changing things. So we’ll talk about that. But what is it? It’s almost trading at 47,000 bucks, I think it might be in 50 to 1000. Now, remember how we talked about a guy paid? I don’t know, 1000 or 2000 Bitcoin for it. And that would have been worth like $350 million back when we did it a while ago, but it’s actually more than that. But what about day trading? We’re doing some good stuff trading. How much are we up for the year G? About percentage wise…


GRANT: But 100%?


DAD: Yeah, started. 


GRANT: July? Yeah.


DAD: That’s where Kyle’s got some good stuff. He’s on daytrade and… 


GRANT: What’s the record for the year? 


DAD: What’s the record for any? I’d have to look.


MAK: What do you think?


DAD: I think like, 20%. So I mean, 100%, you know, for five, six weeks is awesome.


GRANT: Oh, wait, oh, wow. 


DAD: For the market being like 20%. I’d have to look though. So day trading is doing well. But we anticipate that some things might not go well. What about Apple for the year Mac? Apple’s number 1%.


MAK: It’s going places guys nowhere


DAD: It’s going places. But that’s a quick update for the market. It took us about five, five or so minutes. But we also talked a little bit about the braces. And we want to say happy again?


MAK: Happy Valentine’s Day. 


DAD: Did you, Oh, we got hearts. Did we talk about the fact that Valentine’s Day It’s named after the Saint we switched in the third century. So the 200th time and he had some cool thing going on? Maybe maybe we need to look that up. But as we go to Valentine’s Day, do you have a budget for how much you’re gonna spend? Zero. That’s right. The schools won’t let you bring candy at least the school kids go into. And so we’re not even really bringing in what he called cards or anything. Yeah, you can send virtual cards and stuff like that.


GRANT: Yeah, yes. You can, like send me a handy way out away from school.


DAD: Yeah. Are you doing anything special Mac that I don’t know about? or 


MAK: No?


DAD: What about you G? 


GRANT: Ah, not much.


DAD: Nothing, nothing much. Now, when we talk about the account, I mean, really? I was gonna say the account to me. But the economy Mac, what is the economy?


MAK: The economy is the flow of money throughout? Like a certain Yeah.


DAD: It’s all the money that changes hands within an area. So like the United States, what’s the US economy? How Much Money comes and moves around from one place to the other? And it’s important, I mean, these holidays bring huge amounts of money, right? 


MAK: Yes. 


GRANT: Yeah, a ton. 


DAD: And so when you have money that’s being exchanged, people are working, people are making things. Money is being made, and it increases the economy. How big of a holiday is this? McKenna? Do you remember how big this one was? As big as Christmas or whatever. But it’s still a pretty nice shot in the arm.


MAK: It’s very easy.


DAD: $22 billion $22 billion. That’s a big, big number. So a lot of money is changing hands. And do men or women spend more on Valentine’s Day?


MAK: Men. 


DAD: About twice as much, right? 


MAK: Yeah…


DAD: I guess they’re trying to make up for something what? As we asked Mom, we’re like, Hey, Mom, how much does mom and I spend on this Valentine’s Day? Do you remember? 


GRANT: Nothing.


GRANT: Oh, wow, that was really loud.


DAD: No, that was me making the honking sound like a big goose, Goose lane and egg. But we spent like zero. And what’s the weird part about it? I was reading up on a couple of internet sites. And what’s the average that people per person spend? You guys remember when we talked about this? It’s about $165 per person.


MAK: Oh, wow.


DAD: That’s, that’s a lot. And last time 


MAK: Oh my god.


DAD: But it’s down from last year. Last year, how much? 


GRANT: 196.


DAD: 196? Yeah, right around there. So from 200 down to about 165. We spend $22 billion on couples, right? We’re just looking at couples. What? What do you guys think of an engaged couple, a newlywed couple or a couple after 10 years? Now this is a survey, right? They go out and they call somebody and say, Hey, how much money do you spend and where are you in your relationship? And what does an engaged couple spend? 


GRANT: $243. 


DAD: So wow, that’s a pretty big spend in the economy. And they, at least previously, were going out to eat and doing some other stuff. Right? Yeah, but then what about newlyweds? Do you think newlyweds are quote unquote more in love less than love spending more with big G?


GRANT: I honestly don’t know. But they do spend more; they spend $317.


DAD: Okay, so are you guys banking on the fact that those who are married over 10 years like mom and I are spending like zero? How much do they spend over 10 in this survey, right? 


MAK: This one a lot. I’m just gonna say that. 


GRANT: Yeah, like, almost $500.


DAD: 500 bucks! Oh my Geez Louise OMG. That’s all I gotta say. 


MAK: You’re not with the you’re not with the normal people. You’re something different. 


DAD: And you know, we know that. Where am I? Lucky money shirt, right? Because day trading is doing well. And I didn’t spend any money on St. Valentine’s Day. Ooh.


GRANT: That’s sad. 


DAD: That is. But I gave mom lots of kisses and got the door and walked to Oreo today when it was nine degrees. I think it was maybe 10 or 15. Below we have snow coming. Right? Yeah. But she still loves me from buying the new?


GRANT: Oh, the new Tesla.


DAD: Yeah, mom still loves me.


GRANT: Technically. spend like a 50,000 more than…


DAD: Yeah. That’s right. That’s right. But 50,000 For what do you call Valentine’s? Less than that? Less than that? Yeah.


MAK: Above average.


DAD: So here’s a question for you. And we asked Mom and mom said, Do men spend more? Do men spend more on their girlfriends? Or their wives? 


GRANT: Their what? 


DAD: And Mom thought it was girlfriends right? 


GRANT: I thought about girlfriends too. 


MAK: Same.


DAD: And so was like 106 bucks? Wasn’t it? Right? 106 for a wife or 85 for a girlfriend? Which?


MAK: And then pets don’t forget your beloved furry friends.


DAD: Okay, so let’s put this in perspective. Right? The pets, the pets, they spend $1.3 billion on pets for sale. And I asked the question, does the ferret get more money? Or does the snake I’m just kidding, because I didn’t say a dog or cat. Which one gets paid? Before you say it? Let’s see if the audience knows which one? Is it the dog or the cat? Okay, now you can say which one? Do you think


MAK: you’re mostly? It’s a dog. 


DAD: It’s the dog!


GRANT: $4.


DAD: 31 to 27. $31 to spend on a dog $27 is spent on a cat and we thought it would be at least twice as much or something. 


GRANT: Yeah. 


DAD: So peeling their cats.


GRANT: And their dogs.


DAD: And their dogs and their dads. I was trying to sneak that in there subliminally. So their dogs are 31 and their cats 27. That’s pretty crazy. And so it actually throws money into the economy in lots of different ways. Now, here’s a question. Because, you know, we’re talking about money. And I asked the question, if the person that you’re going out with now this is a survey, right that I found, I can’t remember which one survey and they said hey, would you break up with your significant other if they spent money irresponsibly, over St Valentine’s Day.


MAK: Like in $1,000 giant chocolate bars?


DAD: Chocolate hearts that would be pretty irresponsible. Who needs a chocolate heart right?


MAK: I need it.


DAD: And you know what they said? What did they say? Do you remember? 


MAK: 50%. 


DAD: 50% said they would break up with their significant other if they spent money here responsibly because like Can’t they talk about it and get back together?


MAK: Just talk like, please.



But it was really funny because money makes a difference. And I think one of the things that I said early on in the podcast and have reiterated is money causes a lot of issues between people.


MAK: Yeah, maybe it’s because then you’ll know how smart they are. 


DAD: Well…


MAK: Spent 1000 on in trouble hard or like $5 in like a box of chocolates in a rose.


DAD: That’s not a bad question. might hit some people kind of hard but that’s a good question. Because you know, manage your money. People want to make sure that you responsibly manage your money and don’t go crazy like St Valentine’s Day and so we have how many people are going to be eating out this year kind of comparatively speaking. Normally it’s what about 40 or 50% 40 plus percent are eating out McKenna. You’re about ready to say.


MAK: Isn’t it like what are the three?


DAD: One out of four? 


MAK: Oh, sorry one of the four. 


DAD: We went down because of the Coronavirus, you know people are staying home. But how can you still have that romantic dinner? Even though you’re not going? 


GRANT: Ah UberEats. 


DAD: UberEATS Yeah, we’re not getting sponsored by yes, right. But yeah, Door now, what was the other one? You can get those guys in? And are they doing specials? A lot of specials? Yeah, I think GrubHub was doing a $60 credit like you can get $60 over the St. Valentine’s Day. So I know this isn’t going to come out until Tuesday. But the idea is to think about, you know what’s happening, and then try to figure out if you can find deals out there because GrubHub and DoorDash. And all these other guys are actually, you know, incentivizing you to spend that money and get out there. Now, when you buy a gift. Where would you spend your money on a gift? I read this. I thought this was absolutely fascinating, because what was the one of the A’s in our Fang, that was very, very powerful. 


MAK: Amazon.


DAD: Amazon. And when you’re buying gifts, 1/3 of those gifts come from?


GRANT: Amazon.


DAD: Amazon. Yeah. Are you guys there you guys go. So a third of them come from Amazon. A third of them come from what?


GRANT: Break in mortar.


DAD: Motor? Because of the bricks, you see the brick right at red brick, and then in between it. There’s that white stuff? Yeah, it’s like mortar Yes, like glue. But it’s like, it’s Rocky. It’s almost like little pebbles or sand in it. So brick and mortar stores. So those are ones you can go up and touch like when we go to the grocery store.


MAK: It’s basically any store that’s not online. 


DAD: Yeah, that’s absolutely right. So a third come from Amazon, a third from brick and mortar. What’s next? What’s the next biggest? G? 




DAD: Do you do it yourself? Right. And that is one thing we like to push. I love when McKenna Grant used to make me St. Valentine’s card, totally dug that it was super cool. And I’m hanging out on some putting my safety deposit box in the bank. 


MAK: What?


DAD: Yes, I like to go and remember the days when you’re like yelling and screaming and being a teenager and know that there is some love some days ago? Oh, so? Yes, you’re so easy to live with. And then the other one goes to 10% goes to other online 


MAK: Retailer.


DAD: Retailers, right? Is that surprising to you Mak that so many are on Amazon. And Amazon alone does about the same as all of the brick and mortars out there that just shocking to think about? Do you don’t even know. But before you were born, there was no online sales. And they were trying to get people to do online sales and they couldn’t do.


MAK: Anything. What happened to the other 18%?


DAD: No, if you added that 33 plus 33. 66 plus 16 is eighty two plus 10 is 92. So it’s missing about 8%. It sounds okay. But is that just like weird to think about Amazon is such a huge presence out there. Now, what about some other Valentine’s? That’s and I know this isn’t money related. But these are kind of interesting that we thought how many people get proposed to on Valentine’s Day Mak?


MAK: 9 million marriages or proposal on valid.


DAD: Marriage proposals? 


MAK: Yeah. Oh, marriage? Sorry. Yeah.


DAD: Just how many again?


MAK: 9 million.


DAD: Grant, how many of those are going to be accepted?


GRANT: Probably like 2 million.


DAD: I’d have to say that I’m one for one. I asked mom to marry me. And I had only one job and she said yes. But I percent. When you talked to her, she said she really wasn’t sure whether she was going to marry me. Oh, that’s a long story. We’re not gonna talk about that anyway. And then, how much is the dating app, business or industry? We heard an estimate. Now if you think Valentine’s Day is going to be 20. What is it? 27 or $22 billion? How much is the online dating app industry?


GRANT: $10 Billion. 


DAD: That’s a big one. And if you think about it a handful years ago, there wasn’t really a dating app industry. And how many different dating apps are out there Mak? 


MAK: There’s about 2000 dating apps 


DAD: And how many people are using them? 


MAK: 59 Million.


DAD: 50 9,002,000 apps a $10 billion industry? That’s just crazy. And grant, do you think dating actually increases from the beginning of February?


GRANT: Probably. 


DAD: It goes up about a third.


GRANT: Yeah. 


DAD: 33% more.


GRANT: Like let’s start this and then on the next Valentine’s we can get engaged. 


DAD: Oh. 


MAK: Maybe maybe when COVID is done. 


DAD: Wow! There you go. Isn’t that we remember last week we talked about the Super Bowl, and how returns for big screen TVs went up like 200% after the Super Bowl. It’s kind of the same thing. People go on Valentine’s Day. I need a date. I need a date. And so the beginning of February goes up 33% More dating happens. And it seems like it has to do with Valentine’s Day. All right. So you got a suggestion which is if you still want that romantic dinner, you can Do the romantic dinner and you order it out from the delivery company, right? GrubHub. Mak likes the Grub Hub. And hey, if you’re gonna buy flowers, make sure that you use your credit card, make sure that you first have the money for it, right? We don’t want to go into debt. And if you use your credit card and get some points, there was one place grant. Didn’t I tell you that if you get the flowers delivered, you can get some. 


GRANT: You can get some money back.


DAD: Cash back, baby. Yeah. And if you want to think a little bit further into the future, when COVID is getting better, because I just read something JP Morgan said that COVID is going to be greatly under control for about two months. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? 


GRANT: That would be great. 


DAD: I know. JP Morgan now JP Morgan, we haven’t talked a lot about have you ever heard of Chase? 


MAK: Chase Bank? 


DAD: Yep. 


MAK: Oh, yeah. 


DAD: It’s called JP Morgan Chase. That’s the whole name. 


MAK: Oh, I didn’t even know. 


DAD: Yeah. So what happened is that they say in about two months, they think Coronavirus is gonna be under control. We got stimulus checks coming out. I know I have seen that. 


GRANT: But there’s more. 


DAD: There’s well hasn’t the second round hasn’t come out. 


GRANT: Oh, second round. 


DAD: Yeah. The first round. We got a first round. And now the second round in that crazy trying to keep things


GRANT: What do the second round do? 


DAD: Give you more money in your pockets. 


GRANT: More money? Yeah. 


MAK: Oh, so did they not give you all of the money for so…


DAD: No, they gave all the money that they had allotted. Because they have to go to Congress and say, can we spend a couple trillion dollars or a trillion and a half and then they’re going to Congress going and doing it all over again. So if you want to think a little further in the future, Southwest has a credit card. And what is the Southwest credit card given? Does it give you a compassionate pass Grant? We’re talking about this yourself.


GRANT: Compassion pass.


DAD: It’s actually a companion Pass, which allows you if you do get the credit card and you spend enough, then it allows you to travel and have someone as your companion, not your compassion. Travel with you. Right and they get to do that pretty much for free. Just pay taxes. That’s pretty cool. When that’d be cool. 


GRANT: Yes. 


DAD: And if you’re thinking St. Valentine’s Day, I want the love of my life to travel with me when we get out of this Coronavirus. So that is pretty crazy. So to how much you spent on flowers, I kind of gave you the hint there. 


GRANT: Oh, Josh, to Billions. 


DAD: Two bills on flowers. And the crazy part about that and why this is such an important part of the flower industry. Right. That’s all the people working in the flower. Do you have delivery drivers in the flower industry?


MAK: Yes. Okay. All right. 


DAD: Yeah, because they have to support the industry. So flowers are a big deal. How much do we say we just say. 


MAK: 2 billion.


DAD: And that represents how much of the entire flower spend for the entire…


GRANT: One third on one day.


DAD: On one occasion right? Yeah, so this is really important stuff for those guys. They are building up and if you buy like a dozen roses, maybe you should check that out. What do a dozen roses cost now? Grant’s gonna do that while we’re looking at but a third of an entire year is surrounding Valentine’s Day. And I got my hair cut earlier this morning. And the lady said, you know, just bringing flowers out of the blue is probably better. But you kind of get pushed by flowers. What does it…


GRANT: A dozen have roses? 


DAD: Yes. 


GRANT: $50.


DAD: Dozen roses.


GRANT: Oh my God. 


DAD: Is that delivered? 


GRANT: I think so.


DAD: Cuz sometimes I thought they’re actually over 100.


GRANT: Oh, she’s…


DAD: So maybe they’ve come down if you’ve ordered them early enough.


GRANT: So they’re on like proflowers.


DAD: Yeah.


GRANT: Price Chopper.


MAK: I don’t know like Kroger they have an expensive


DAD: Good value. I love it. I love it. Let’s see. So 2 billion on flowers 1.3 on pets, greeting cards, the cards that you actually put out.


GRANT: Greeting Cards are 1.1 billion.


DAD: That’s a big number. And what about Makenna I’m sorry, we haven’t even talked about this yet. And this is one of your go twos. What are they spent a ton of money on that you love? 


MAK: Chocolate.


DAD: Chocolate. So chocolate is really just cranking on Valentine’s Day. If you choose candy, half of it more than half of it is chocolate. And what’s the one that’s the most is the favorite? Right now. It’s filled with chocolate that has one.


MAK: Oh caramel.


MAK: Caramel chocolate. 


DAD: That’s right and you guys remember it starts with the G do you…


GRANT: Godiva.


DAD: Yeah, Godiva could I eat chocolate? We have some sad news about their closing. How many stores are closing Mak? 


MAK: All of them in the US 128.


DAD: 128 stores in the US. So the Corona virus has hit them pretty hard. And when I used to work in Belgium, we had Godiva Lea Unitas and they have all kinds of chocolate. Belgian chocolate is really good Swiss chocolate was really good. And during COVID Spike and chocolate, right Mak. 


MAK: Yeah. 


DAD: Do you think Godiva will close their stores before Valentine’s Day or after?


MAK: Definitely after so they can get all that profit on Valentine’s Day and just leave with it


DAD: Cuz it’s big right? But they said what they say? Which was at least a little positive about Godiva chocolate. They said they’re online. Was it doing good or bad? 


MAK: It’s doing good. 


DAD: Yeah, it’s doing better. And so sad to see Godiva close down all their stores, but at least they’re doing it after Valentine’s Day. And there’s one I read that’s doing it literally tomorrow. Tomorrow there. 


MAK: Oh, wow. 


DAD: And that was in Texas, but some of them are staying up until March but they’re all going to close down. So that’s $2 billion to man. There’s a lot of $2 billion. Now, here here’s one thing the most unromantic gift Makenna you know what I’m talking about most unromantic gift that is given on Valentine’s Day.


MAK: Is the most money spent on supposed money? 5.1 billion.


DAD: Yeah, point $100 million. So what is that? 


MAK: That is a gift card.


GRANT: Gift cards. We get some.


MAK: Some gift cards can be romantic, you know, like like, like a fancy dinner gift card. 


GRANT: It’s a thought that counts.


DAD: And what do we buy when we buy gift cards? Do we go didn’t donate normally go online to get gift cards? 


MAK: Yeah. 


DAD: Do you remember any of the websites?


MAK: There’s Amazon?


DAD: No, no, no discounted gift cards. Somebody doesn’t want the gift card. They sell it to this company. And then you can buy it from that company at a discount yet. Every time we go to Chili’s, we get 20% off because I buy $100 gift card for 80 bucks. And then we go have dinner we have some leftover and it’s called arrays or gift card granny or


GRANT: Technically free money if you think yeah.


DAD: It is free money. So if you’re ever wanting to give him Mak. 


MAK: What was the app name again? 


DAD: Raise was one. 


MAK: Gift Card granny.


DAD: Gift card. Granny, I think there was another one that I always used to and I can’t remember but it’s free money people. Don’t we all want free money.


GRANT: Free.


MAK: Planning to go to dinner anyways. And you just look on your phone and there’s some gift card. You could save money on that dinner. So like 


DAD: Exactly.


MAK: Free food, free money. You know. 


DAD: When I bet your guitar one time from Guitar Center, I save like 15 or 20% for any gift card that’s out there. Right? So the gift cards are 2.1. Now what is the least desired gift that’s out there? And at least start with the first one.


GRANT: Tools.


DAD: Here you go, mom, here’s a new socket wrench.


GRANT: I hope you don’t hammer my heart.


DAD: Woohoo, bada boom, Bada bing, I wouldn’t give mom a hammer to chase me around.


GRANT: Here’s the tool.


DAD: Hey, I want to kiss you. But here’s the tool first, right? What’s the number two least desired gift?


MAK: It’s gym membership,


DAD: Gym memberships? Hey, maybe I need to lose a little weight. And


GRANT: Sure I am breaking up with you. John, you can tell me that I’m fat. But I’m gonna take it anyway. 


DAD: And that’s hard. You know, that didn’t sound very nice. But but that’s the second least from the survey and then sporting equipment. And then what’s what’s next


MAK: Kitchen appliances? 


DAD: Yeah, like a blender. Hey, I love you so much. Here’s a blender. 


GRANT: What about coffee? 


DAD: Coffee machine that can be the same. Some people will really like it.


GRANT: Yeah, I’m thinking like people would like it though.


DAD: But there’s somewhere that I looked at where like $9 billion of it are unwanted gifts. So stuff like kitchen appliances. Stuffed animals, like for adults. Sometimes people are like, hey,


GRANT: Well, no, I don’t want to bear 


DAD: And what’s the last one McKenna Do you remember the last one? 


MAK: Mixtapes? 


DAD: And what’s a mixtape? Just if nobody knows, because I knew when we were growing up, um,


MAK: Mashup of all the person’s favorite songs. 


DAD: Yeah.


MAK: Yeah, well ran random favorites, or not even favorites at all. Yeah.


DAD: Exactly. And if you’re not having or you don’t have a chance to actually get out and meet somebody. What are some of the most popular virtual dating Grant, you need to take the first one?


GRANT: Okay, so playing a game Monopoly 


DAD: Together playing a game? No, no virtual game. So you’re playing in a… 


MAK: Virtual monopoly. 


DAD: You can do.


GRANT: Yeah, there’s a bunch of apps. 


DAD: Okay. Cool. And what’s the next one Makk?


MAK: Then having dinner and drinks?


DAD: Yeah, my mom did that with her friends out of Chicago. Right. And so they just sat there and they told stories and laughed and had a couple of drinks without Grant you liked. The next one wasn’t action


GRANT: Chatting. 


DAD: Yeah. And then Makenna This is the one you love. Come on. Tina Fey


MAK: Watching a movie sigh show I mean, you can be watching minions and stuff. And Netflix has seen that that’s an opportunity for their business to pull in more people to share why we’re doing COVID


GRANT: They should make their own dating and recently Netflix dating. 


DAD: Netflix, I’ve got a good, what’d he call it a name for that. But I can’t say that. 


MAK: Recently. Yeah, Netflix has added a lot more movies. So I’m kind of curious if maybe that’s because of Valentine’s Day. 


DAD: Oh, maybe good call. Good call. Well, we talked a lot about Valentine’s Day. But there were one or two other very, very quick things that happened. And we got some manufacturing numbers out that were positive, which means that we are making more things in the US? Are things getting a little bit better because of COVID? You know, if the numbers are positive, that means more manufacturing is happening. Does that help the economy with more people working now? 


MAK: Yes. 


DAD: Yeah. Yeah. It helps the economy because more money is spent on things that are being purchased, or when they were built here, and therefore sold here, which is really good. And so the stock market, some other things are going in the right direction. What about gas? Is there more demand for gas G? 




DAD: There are. Because now the economy is getting a little bit better. We’re starting to see that a gallon of gas is around. What are we seeing in that MaK? Do you remember?