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Understanding Credit Scores: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

When assessing our financial health, there are few things in life as important as our credit score. Our personal credit score, made up of three digits, can affect the interest rate we are offered on loans, determine our car insurance premiums, and even make or break a landlord’s decision to rent us an apartment. And that’s

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Cryptocurrency vs Stocks: Understand What You are Going to Invest in

Cryptocurrency fever has taken over. Okay, maybe it hasn’t taken over, but it is clear that cryptocurrency has become a significant player in the financial market in the last couple of years. In fact, according to Bloomberg, the combined value of digital currencies is somewhere around $2 trillion. Of all the cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin remains one

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Money Skills for Life: Why is Financial Literacy Important?

Teaching financial literacy today sets kids up for a healthy financial future tomorrow. Sadly, financial literacy doesn’t always get the attention it deserves, and it’s usually too late when it does, which is why some bad things can happen. But, as homo sapiens, we haven’t had to deal with money for even a portion of

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The Best Way to Teach Your Kids About Taxes

Taxes. The mere mention of them has been known to strike fear and anxiety in the hearts of even the toughest of men. Not only is the thought of taxes scary, but it can also often be a tricky subject for most adults to wrap their heads around, let alone figure out the best way

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The History of Money for Kids

From bartering to banknotes and everything in between. By now, you’ve probably learned a lot about money, or at least you think you have. Maybe your piggy bank is filled with coins you’ve been collecting for a long time, or you have a big stack of twenty-dollar bills that you’ve saved from holiday and birthday

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