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How to Set Your Child Up Financially

11 Ways to Set Your Child Up Financially Whether you are planning to have kids, have young children already, or your children are a bit older, you’ve probably spent a significant amount of time wrapping your head around what having children means for your own personal finances. At some point, however, if you’re like most

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Understanding Credit Cards: The Power of Plastic

Credit cards are safe, convenient, and a great way to build credit – but only if you use them properly! Credit cards are fantastic! Well, they CAN be, but they can also be dangerous. Credit cards are great because they offer users convenience, an array of consumer protections, as well as the ability to build

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Should You Invest in Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency investments are risky. Are they worth it? While you might strike it rich if you invest in cryptocurrency, you might also lose your shirt, your pants, or even your life savings if you’re not careful. The point is that cryptocurrency investments are SUPER risky, but they can also be incredibly profitable. Cryptocurrency might be

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How to Teach Money Management Skills to Your Teens

Teach young people basic financial skills now, to protect them in the future.  Many teenagers are eager to strike out on their own when they finish high school or college.  As parents, it is our job to prepare them for what lies ahead.  When I was young, I remember watching televised college graduation, and atop

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Four Ways to Teach Healthy Financial Habits to Kids

It’s never too early to give children a crash course in finance.  We can all agree that good habits are crucial for success in life. If we develop a bad habit, like eating a half dozen donuts every weekend, we’ll never reach our healthy weight goal, and bad habits die hard. That’s why we must

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