Episode 161: What do we do now, and rich countries

SHOW NOTES In this episode, Mak and G explain the importance of diversifying your investments, alternative investments to stocks and bonds, and insights about investing in commodities and raw materials. With the current level of inflation, it’s natural to wonder how to diversify your investments to be inflation resistant. In this episode, Mak and G

Episode 160: McDonald’s, De-Arching and Burgereconomics

SHOW NOTES This episode, Mak & G look at how McDonald’s changes around the world, what ‘purchase price parity’ is and the ways we can use Big Macs to work out a country’s cost of living. There is a McDonald’s in almost every country in the world, and in every McDonald’s, they sell the world-famous

Episode 159: Bill versus the $100 Bill

SHOW NOTES This episode, I explore what an opportunity cost is, why it makes sense to outsource work you’re capable of doing yourself, and how the rich spend their time. Everyone knows the phrase ‘time is money’ but most people don’t apply this to the way they live their lives.   This episode, I talk

Episode 158: Broken shoulder and broken economy?

SHOW NOTES This episode, we talk about financial literacy month and where you can find help with your financial literacy. We also discuss the recent contractions in the economy, what these mean, and how the economy affects our lives. The economy is contracting and the stock market is falling. Is this natural or is this

Episode 157: The Bunny and The Taxman

SHOW NOTES This episode, Mak & G look at how we managed to travel while avoiding high flight prices, ways we can save money during Easter, and the average amount people receive from doing their taxes. On average people spend over 200 dollars during Easter even though there are so many free ways to enjoy

Episode 156: Pain, Punishment, and Putin

SHOW NOTES This episode, I look at the financial sanctions we’ve placed on Russia and the effect this is having on the country, the Russian people, and Russia’s billionaire Oligarchs. The financial sanctions placed against Russia are supposed to put pressure on the Russian Government and the Russian Oligarchs. But how much are sanctions really

Episode 155: Let’s keep this private

SHOW NOTES This episode, I look at how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is affecting the stock market, what our financial sanctions against Russia entail, and the billionaire Oligarchs that grew out of the USSR’s end. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused uncertainty throughout the world and the markets have responded accordingly. This episode, I look

Episode 154: March Madness Means Money. And FUN!

SHOW NOTES This episode, Mak & G are talking about the start of this year’s NCAA tournament, how much basketball players can earn, and the special prize Warren Buffet offered watchers of the tournament. The NCAA tournament attracts watchers from across America and a lot of money is involved in the games. This episode, we

Episode 153: Spring is coming, time for a break

SHOW NOTES This episode, Mak & G talk about different ways to save money on a vacation, how much people spend on Spring Break, and some of the best places in Washington DC that they’re looking forward to seeing. Spring Break is here and it’s time for the best school trip ever, a trip to

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They’re Ben’s 13-year old twins and they’re going to teach you, and your kids, all about money. Each bite-sized ‘minisode’ tackles a financial topic like: Piggy Bank Origins, The Value of Money (and how to conserve),
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