Episode 152: Thank you, Mr. President

SHOW NOTES This episode, we’re celebrating Presidents Day by looking back at some of our favorite presidents, the relationships they had with money, and how they changed the course of history… Let’s be honest, we’d all love to have our face on a dollar bill, but who decides which people get put on our money?

Episode 151: The Tomato has landed

SHOW NOTES This episode, Mak & G look at some Super Bowl money facts, Sean Whites performance (and pay) at the Olympics, and how much money we spend on Valentine’s Day each year… The Rams won the Super Bowl and here that means celebration time! We’ve looked at the cost of the Super Bowl before

Episode 150: Laissez les bons temps rouler

SHOW NOTES This episode, I look back at my time in New Orleans, the main drivers of the New Orleans economy, and how much money is spent on Mardi Gras each year… New Orleans is known for its parties, events, culture, and of course the notorious Mardi Gras. After a wonderful time there I look

Episode 149: 40 episodes, $1,400 per min and $1.4 million

SHOW NOTES This episode, Mak & G are back to look at some more jobs, what they entail, and how much they get paid. A Bingo manager, a hotdog vendor, or a hair removal specialist, there’s a lot of weird jobs out there, but what do they really entail and how much do they all

Episode 148: That’s really a job??

SHOW NOTES This episode, Mak & G look at some of the strangest jobs you’ve probably never heard of, from professional lice remover to chocolate taster, we look at some of the craziest jobs out there and how much these jobs pay. There’s a huge number of jobs out there that you’ve probably never heard

Episode 147: Inflating the Economy

SHOW NOTES This episode, Mak & G look at inflation, what it is, the problems it can cause and how we can control it Inflation is the highest it’s been in almost 40 years, but what does this really mean? This episode, Mak & G look at what inflation is, the dangers of high inflation,

Episode 146: The first lady of….

SHOW NOTES In this episode, we look back on the life of Betty White, how she achieved her fame, and the wealth she accumulated across her acting career…   It’s the end of 2021 and we’re looking forward to 2022 and achieving the goals we’ve set for this year.   Sadly, Betty White died on

Episode 145: Get that budget going in 2022

SHOW NOTES In this episode, Mak & G look back at how the markets performed over 2021 before discussing what it was like creating their own annual budgets for the first time…   After celebrating the amazing performance of the market in 2021, Mak & G look towards 2022 and their budgeting plans for the

Episode 144: New Year’s Fin-solutions

SHOW NOTES Going into 2022, Mak & G talk about why we need a financial plan, the New Year financial resolutions they’re making, and the importance of having a savings goal…   Today, Mak & G are reminiscing about the holidays and the troubles we had after some family members and friends got COVID.   

Money With Mak & G

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