Episode 1143: Dads and Dough

The costs of being a father and why it’s worth it all


Today is fathers day, so I investigate the financial responsibilities of being a father, both in what it costs and the lessons we need to teach our kids…

There’s nothing more rewarding than being a father, but we all know it’s not cheap bringing up kids.


With COVID forcing us to work from home, it’s brought many dads closer to their kids and made us appreciate all our wives have to do for our kids.

Today, I researched the difference between mothers and fathers, why dads are normally in charge of the finances, and what the best financial lessons we can teach our kids really are…

“Fathers can teach their kids how to take risks and mothers can teach them the solid safe foundation of love.” – Ben

“Every family is different, and each partner in the relationship brings different strengths and weaknesses.” – Ben

“Understanding money is one of the most important skill sets your kids can learn.” – Ben

Time Stamps:

00:26 – The costs and rewards of being a father.

02:23 – How COVID has brought us closer to our children.

04:09 – The difference between most mothers and fathers.

04:32 – Why fathers day started and why we celebrate it on the third Sunday in June.

05:27 – Why financial management is usually done by the father.

06:13 – How men and women’s financial decisions tend to differ.

08:08 – The best financial lessons dads can teach their kids.


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