Episode 1144: Pt1 – Sara Lyday Rocksar or teacher?

Growing up and becoming a financial advisor with Sara Lyday


Today, we’re joined by Sara Lyday as she explains how she went from cold-caller to yoga teacher, to financial advisor…

Today, we have the first part of this special 2-parter with financial advisor Sara Lyday.


Sara didn’t always know she wanted to be a financial advisor and went on quite a journey before starting her financial career.


She explains how her parents influenced her career choices, the most important financial lessons she’s learned, and much more…


“Don’t spend more money than you make, don’t rack up bad debt, and have an emergency fund.”Sara Lyday


“Knowing more isn’t always better.” – Sara Lyday

Time Stamps:

01:59 – What Sara’s childhood was like and her affinity for organizing and planning.

07:53 – The three basic principles Sara’s dad taught her growing up.

09:54 – The importance of facing your fears and not letting them limit you.

12:27 – Why you need a plan and why Robo-advisors won’t replace financial advisors.

14:33 – The innate need we have to succeed and make our parents feel proud.

17:12 – How Sara found her passion for language and her desire to work in communications.

21:09 – Working as a cold caller and doing a yoga teacher training course.



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