Episode 1151: Charities and Money Matters

The value of charity and how to find the right one for you with Mak and G


This episode, Mak and G discuss the importance of helping others, the benefits of giving to charity, and how to pick the right one that you can trust…

It’s important to help others, and giving to charity can be a rewarding experience that improves the world we live in.


But we need to make sure the charities we give to aren’t going to waste our hard-earned money. Just like us, we want a charity to spend the money given to them wisely and be responsible.


Today, Mak and G discuss how best to give away money, the importance of picking the right charity, and how we can find out which ones to trust..


“If you have your plan, stick to it. It might get a little bumpy.” – G

“Those with the least income, give the most, isn’t that a little hard to believe?” – Mak

Time Stamps:

00:21 – Our weekly market update.

01:04 – How COVID has affected people and why it’s important to help others.

02:27 – What a donor advised fund is and how it can give you a tax advantage.

03:48 – The different amounts people give to charity.

05:22 – The importance of picking the right charity, and how to find out which ones to trust.

07:38 – Our favourite charities and the great work they do.



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