Episode 1150: Quitters Never Win or Do They?

The Great Resignation – Why are people quitting their jobs when wages are increasing


This episode, Mak and G talk about why staff shortages and resignations are sweeping the nation. They talk about how this has affected businesses, and why this all potentially ends up in inflation rising…

Over 4 million people quit their jobs in April of 2021, which is the highest amount since records began.


Today, they talk about why so many people are quitting their jobs, and the effect this has had on the economy, businesses, and other workers…

“There are a lot of jobs available, the current environment is making it easier to make a change.”Mak

“People aren’t showing up for work, and those people who do show up have to do more with less people working.” – G

Time Stamps:

00:20 – Update on the market with movements.

01:39 – What the ‘Great Resignation’ is and how it’s hit the hospitality industry the hardest.

03:35 – How much money some different professions get paid.

05:19 – The difficulties placed on businesses due to staff shortages and why this is making wages increase.

6:54 – What an essential worker is and the different industries they work in.

7:43 – The increase in remote work and why some people love it.


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