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Episode 60: Amaz(on)ing PROMO!!!

Episode 60 Amaz(on)ing PROMO!!!


This “Money With Mak and G” podcast episode, we’re giving away a $100 Amazon voucher to one lucky listener, tune in to find out how you can win…


We’ve just hit 10,000 podcast downloads and 1,000 subscribers!


To say we’re excited is an understatement so to celebrate we’re giving away some crazy prizes including a $100 Amazon voucher!


Listen in to find out how you can become one of our lucky winners and win some cool spending money in time for the holidays…


“I think if you like money you love 1’s and 0’s.” – G


“The lucky winner chosen at random will win a $100 dollar Amazon gift card and a Money with Mak & G $2 bill.” – Mak

Time Stamps:

00:46 – Breaking 10 thousand podcast downloads and 1 thousand subscribers.

01:30 – Our first free give-away and how you can win a $100 Amazon voucher.

01:58 – Our limited edition Money with Mak and G $2 bill.

02:18 – How you can win one of our prizes.



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MAK: Hey G! No more School !! It’s the beginning of Thanksgiving vacation and I’m feeling great!

GRANT: Amen, me too, and the Holidays are here.  We’re free. And, I feel amazing!!

MAK: But, what are we doing here…it’s not time for another amazing episode ALLLLRRRRREADY is it??

GRANT: Nope. But, since we’re both feeling awesome, how about we give something away.  Let’s make it a ONCE IN A LIFETIME special event! Unless we decide to do it again someday.

MAK: Awesome, I’m in.

GRANT: Me too. Let’s get to it!

MAK: I think if you like money, you love 1’s and 0’s, right?

GRANT: You got that right sis.  And, we just got a lot of those.  We broke 10,000 podcast downloads and our EduCounting Youtube channel just passed 1,000 subscribers. We’re on our way!!!

MAK: Let’s share the wealth.  This is so exciting.

GRANT: Ok, so 1’s and 0’s, we’re in the season of giving thanks.

MAK: Don’t forget it’s Black Friday soon, too bro!!

GRANT: How about we share the wealth.

MAK: Using 1’s and 0’s.

GRANT: By giving thanks to our great audience

MAK: And make so it could be a better Black Friday.

GRANT: Totally on board captain.  Let’s do our first ever giveaway…

MAK: And, make it a chance to win a $1—0—0 Amazon Gift Card! That’s 100 smackeroonies.

GRANT: Right on time for Black Friday AND other holiday shopping.

MAK:  And, I know this isn’t a 1 or a zero, but, 1 + 1 gets a VERY limited edition Money with Mak & G $2 bill! Legal tender, which means it’s REAL money you can spend in a store, and its EX—TREEME-LY rare!

GRANT: Awesome! So what do you have to do to win?

MAK: It’s super easy. Leave us a review.  Apple podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, GooglePlay, etc.  We do prefer Apple because we want to be on their “Noteworthy” list so more people can learn finance early.

GRANT: That would be awesome.  So, if you take a screenshot of your review and email it to, that’s So, MONEY, With, M-A-K, a-n-d, “G” dot com. It’s that easy.

MAK: Make sure to do it before noon Eastern Time on Friday November 27, 2020. So tell your friends, your family, your friend’s family, your dog, EVERYONE!!

GRANT: Really, the dog?

MAK: Yep, I was just making sure you were paying attention. 

GRANT: Got it.  And the lucky winner, chosen at random, will receive a $100 Amazing Amazon gift card and a Money with Mak & G $2 bill, plus our top five favorite reviews will all receive a $2 bill.



MAK: So get reviewing and…


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