Episode 1160: Money and Whale Poop (or Vomit)

Why whale vomit is so expensive with Mak and G


Today, Mak and G look at the wonderful world of whale vomit, why anyone would want to buy it,

why it’s so expensive, and what’s it used for anyway…

In this episode, Mak and G look at the expensive and sometimes lucrative world of buying and

selling whale vomit.

We talk about how supply and demand affects prices and how this has made whale vomit so


So who is buying all this whale vomit, and why would anyone want to buy such a thing? Stay

tuned to find out…

“An entire industry can rise and fall quickly.” – Mak

Time Stamps:

00:28 – Supply and demand and how this affects pricing.

01:05 – Moby Dick, ambergris, and the cost of whale vomit.

02:19 – Whales diet, the sheer amount of food, and how it makes ambergris.

03:03 – Why do people want to buy whale vomit? Are they crazy?

03:59 – Different things a whale can be used for. Yikes.

04:59 – The damage we did to whale populations from overhunting.

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