Episode 1161: Living on $2 per day

How to survive on 2 dollars a day with Mak and G


Today, Mak and G’s mom gave them a challenge, to see if they can bring food costs down and feed the family for 2 dollars a day per person…


This episode, Mak and G look at how we can save money by reducing the cost of our weekly food expense.


They take their mom’s challenge and see if it’s really possible to feed a family for 2 dollars a day per person…


“Stock markets hate uncertainty” – Mak and G


“Making your own food really helps bring costs down and is healthier.” – G

Time Stamps:

00:19 – How much money we saved by not turning on our sprinklers.

01:20 – How the market has moved this week.

01:59 – Evergrande and why their stock is down nearly 90%.

03:34 – How uncertainty affects the market and the financial crisis of 2008.

04:33 – How we reduced our food costs to less than $2 per person per day.



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