Episode 1163: Black Swan

Black Swan Events with Mak and G


With Facebook’s recent outage lasting over 6 hours and affecting millions of people, Mak and G are looking at what these ‘Black Swan Events’ really are, and how they can affect our finances…


Facebook’s recent outage cost them over $50 million dollars in lost revenue and affected millions and millions of people.


But what caused this outage? How rare are these kinds of outages? And is this anything to be worried about?


Today, Mak and G look at this ‘Black Swan Event’, they dive into where this term originates, and look at some financial ‘Black Swan Events’ we’ve had in the past…


“These drops were super rare, had a huge impact on things, and can be easily explained looking back, so why can’t they be seen before they happen?” – G


“The stock market doesn’t like uncertainty.” – Mak and G

Time Stamps:

00:20 – ‘Black Swan Events’, and how long Facebook went down for.

00:58 – Where the term ‘Black Swan’ originated from.

02:08 – The requirements for something to be classed a ‘Black Swan Event’.

02:53 – Financial ‘Black Swan Events’ that have happened in the past.

04:35 – What caused Facebook’s outage and who it affected. 

05:35 – Different examples of ‘Black Swan Events’.



The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable


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