Episode 1162: Perfect Practice

Taking control of your budget with Mak and G


One day it will be time to go off to college, so Mak and G need to take control of their money.


This episode, we look at the different pitfalls college students fall into with money, how to budget properly, and some of the different rites of passage from around the world…


One day, Mak and G will leave home and move to college, so they’ll need practice on how to take control of their money.


We talk about the areas they’re going to have to make a budget for, why it’s important for people to take control of their money BEFORE moving to college, and the common money pitfalls college students fall into.


Taking control of your finances is a rite of passage for us in the West, and it isn’t always easy. But when you compare it to some of the rites of passages around the world you might not think it’s so tough after all…


“It’s time for us to do our own budgets and handle our own cash.” – Mak


“You can spend foolishly, rack up debt at a high-interest rate and have to pay it back later.” – G

Time Stamps:

00:39 – What a Quinceañera and a Bar Mitzvah are and how much they cost.

02:34 – The top gifts people get for their Bar Mitzvah.

02:54 – The potential money problems college students face.

04:02 – The different areas we’ll have to consider when controlling your own budget.

04:46 – Different male rites of passage from around the world.


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