Episode 1159 – Is Social Security secure?

Social Security and the future of retirement with Mak and G


Today, Mak and G look at why we have Social Security, who it’s there to help, and what the future of retirement looks like for their generation…


Social Security is one of the biggest expenses in America’s budget, so why do we spend so much money on it, and is it sustainable to spend so much in one area?


Today, we look at what Social Security is, and why it’s so necessary for so many people. 


Mak and G also talk about the future for Afghanistan’s economy and send their prayers out to the people still there…


“Stocks go up and down!” – Mak and G


“You have to remember when things go down it never helps to panic.” – Mak


“Social Security is about one-fourth of the entire budget for the US.” – G

Time Stamps:

00:36 – How the stock market tends to perform in August and September.

01:14 – How the market has moved this week.

01:40 – The benefits of Social Security and who it’s there to help.

02:20 – The difficulties in continuing Social Security at its current rate.

03:15 – Why taxes might need to rise to support Social Security.

03:38 – Afghanistan: the rising costs of products, GDP and the future of their economy.



Social Security Trustee report


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