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50 Creative Kidpreneur Ideas: A Guide to Kid’s Businesses

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When it comes to kidpreneur ideas, parents encourage their kids to pursue business ideas and new ways to make money on their own, the benefits to the child extend far beyond financial. When we support our kids in their business ventures and help them bring their kidpreneur visions to life, they will learn critical life skills that will positively impact their mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

With a little help from their parents, there are countless ways for children to become kidpreneurs by putting their skills and talents to good use. The key is to look past traditional ideas, target a niche market, and focus on areas where the child can best apply themselves. When you capitalize on your child’s excitement, curiosity, and unique perspectives, you can boost the confidence necessary for their business concepts to shine.  

Starting your own business can be challenging, especially for kids, but the rewards are boundless. This article will outline 50 creative, accessible business kidpreneur ideas, perfect for children of all ages, to help jump-start the process for you and your kids.

Creative Kidpreneur Ideas for Active Kids Who Love the Great Outdoors

athletic skills

Kidpreneur Ideas #1: Practice Coach

Does your child have athletic skills?

A coaching business is the perfect after-school or weekend job for an athletic child.

From cheerleading and gymnastics to football and baseball, if your child is skilful in their sport, coaching other kids may be the best way to bring out their inner kidpreneur ideas.

However, being a practice coach doesn’t require perfect kidpreneur ideas. Having someone around to catch, shoot hoops, practice moves, and offer encouragement can be invaluable for kids and their parents.

Kidpreneur Ideas #2: RV, Camper, or Cabin Cleaning Service

Because the use of recreational vehicles and spaces is seasonal, people are often looking for someone to help them clean and freshen recreational vehicles, campers, and cabins that have been vacant during the off-season.

In addition to advertising your cleaning service in and around the community, RV and camper supply/repair stores are also a great place to advertise this service.

Kidpreneur Ideas #3: Yard Maintenance Service

It doesn’t matter which part of the country you live in; yard maintenance is big business.

People are always looking for someone to mow their lawns, rake their leaves, shovel snow, pull weeds, and tend to their plants.

A yard maintenance service is one of the perfect kidpreneur ideas for children who have a strong work ethic. It is the type of business where a kid can quickly build a solid reputation and gain a steady customer base.

laundry services

Kidpreneur Idea #4: Laundry Services

Doing the laundry isn’t just for allowances anymore.

Believe it or not, there is a great demand for laundry services these days, as many hired housekeepers do not offer laundry services. Kidpreneurs can capitalize on this need with wash and fold services.

Laundry services can be offered on-site, in the customer’s home, or kids can make pick up/delivery part of the service, depending on their age/situation.

Kidpreneur Idea #5: Lifeguard Services

A lifeguard business is perfect for older kids!

A lifeguard certification opens up many opportunities for kids to get a job at local water parks, community centers, and beaches. However, it can also be useful for a kidpreneur looking to start their own business based on kidpreneur ideas.

Lifeguards are in high demand for pool parties or as swim sitters to keep an eye on kids while they swim at home. Kids can take it a step further by offering swim instruction as well.

Creative Kidpreneur Ideas for Tech-Savvy Children

types of web design services

Kidpreneur Idea #6: Web Design and Development Services

Many gig-type opportunities are available in graphic design, website design, photography, and video creation for children with creative and technical web skills.

While you can often find many job opportunities posted online, many small business owners in your community could benefit from these services. With a little effort, a kidpreneur who offers web services locally can grow their customer base pretty quickly.

Kidpreneur Idea #7: Technical Support Services

Because technology is always evolving and becoming increasingly complex, there’s a growing demand for tech support services.

If your childs kidpreneur ideas have the legs to stand on, they can always start a business that offers equipment or internet setup services, smartphone navigation, Internet or streaming services, and other related assistance.

A perfect target audience for this type of service would be seniors in your community.

Kidpreneur Idea #8: Social Media Influencing

Kids with certain expertise or a level of credibility in a particular niche, and a decent social media following, may consider taking things to the next level by becoming social media influencers.  

Countless kidpreneurs are making money by promoting and advertising products and services for companies around the globe through kidpreneur business ideas.

kidpreneur ideas

Kidpreneur Idea #9: Social Media Management Services

Businesses need to be using social media if they want to be successful. That’s because, these days, everyone uses social media.

Social media-savvy kidpreneurs can make a killing managing social media channels, creating posts, and boosting engagement for kids businesses in their community.

Kidpreneur Idea #10: Tech Research Services

The pool of new products and technological advances continues to grow daily. As a result, many folks are looking for people who can provide in-depth research and recommendations before investing in a new product or service.

A great kidpreneur idea for children interested in the latest technologies and services is to start a business where they provide research to their customers by reading reviews and comparing products like video game systems, smartphones, laptops, cameras, and more.

Creative Kidpreneur Ideas for Kind, Caring Kids

Kidpreneur Idea #11: Crafting for Causes

Is your child crafty?

An ideal kidpreneur idea for children that knit, sew, felt, or crochet is to create handcrafted items and accessories which can be sold for profit. Items may include pet toys, stuffed animals, blankets, and more.

A great way to drum up business is for crafty kidpreneurs to donate a portion of all their proceeds to a favorite charitable organization or can ask customers to sponsor items, which can be donated to local children’s hospitals or homeless shelters.

Kidpreneur Idea #12: Childcare Services

Not only is this a traditional kidpreneur service, but it is also the most popular and most sought-after. Any kidpreneur considering starting a childcare business must recognize they will be entering a cut-throat market.

One great way for your kidpreneur ideas to set themselves apart from the competition is to get CPR certified, take babysitting/childcare classes, and then advertise those assets for greater appeal.

Petcare Services

Kidpreneur Idea #13: Petcare Services

Petcare services are yet another popular and profitable option for kidpreneurs, which means that the competition will likely be fierce. The good news is that every pet owner needs a helping hand at some point or another.

Services can include dog walking, pet washing, aquarium or cage cleaning, and taking care of pets while their owners are away. Getting creative with the services offered can help your kid’s pet service stand out.

Kidpreneur Idea #14: Elder Care Services

Most communities have a critical need for elder care.

Whether running general errands, picking up prescriptions, accompanying the elderly to appointments, cleaning, cooking, or simply being a trusted companion, elder care services are great ideas for kidpreneur businesses.

Kidpreneur Idea #15: Community Assistant

Like elder care, savvy kidpreneurs can start their own business as community assistants or helpers.

Local nonprofits always look for individuals to help with daily work and long-term projects. While much of this work targets volunteers, many nonprofits are willing to pay for these services.

Your community assistant business can offer services like organizing shelves at local food pantries, cleaning kennels at local animal shelters, leading camp programs, and serving food at shelters.

Creative Kidpreneur Ideas for the Budding Chef

what is natural talent

Kidpreneur Idea #16: Cookbook Author

Let’s face it; everyone loves a great cookbook. If your child has a natural talent for creative cooking, they can publish their own cookbook using their own tried and true recipes.

These days, self-publishing is easier than ever, and many websites make designing, printing, and marketing your very own publications simple and straightforward.

Kidpreneurs can sell their cookbooks online or locally, at community, school, or church functions.

Before publishing their own cookbook, young chefs can get their feet wet with their own YouTube channel or food blog and submit recipes to books and magazines for compensation.

Kidpreneur Idea #17: Professional Meal Planner and Food Shopper

For most people, the most challenging part of dinnertime is planning.

For driving-aged kidpreneurs, a meal planner and shopper can be the perfect business idea for kids to fill a widely underserved need. Offer to create meal plans for busy families and shop for ingredients at the local grocery store.

Kidpreneur Idea #18: Community Chef

Similar to the professional meal planner, food shopper, or community assistant, a great kidpreneur idea is a community chef business that allows kids to combine their awesome cooking skills with lending a hand to those who need it.

Cooking meals for parties, busy parents, elderly neighbors, or neighborhood kids can be invaluable to your community.

Kidpreneur Idea #19: A Meal Train Delivery Service

A meal train is usually organized by a group that puts together a meal delivery service centered around a significant life event, such as a birth, a sickness/hospitalization, or a death). Although many Internet sites are dedicated to meal train organizing, the logistics of getting meals to a recipient often deter most people.

A creative kidpreneur with a driver’s license can act as a pick up/drop off person for local meal trains. They can even take it a step further by becoming a meal train organizer.


Kidpreneur Idea #20: Meal Tester

There are lots of companies that will pay good money for kids to taste test food products.

If your kid is brave and loves trying new things, let them put their taste buds to the test for a little extra cash.

Creative Kidpreneur Ideas for Creative Minded Kids

Kidpreneur Idea #21: Baloon Artist or Face Painter

No party would be complete without a face painter or balloon artist!

Youtube and other Internet resources offer great DIY training techniques for kidpreneurs to learn the basics of balloon artistry and face painting, making a great foundation for a business that features these popular party services.

Kidpreneur Idea #22: Heartfelt Artistry

A great way for creative kidpreneurs to put their art skills to good use is by designing and creating postcards and/or greeting cards.

Whether you use inspirational photos you’ve taken or your own drawings, it is easy to design and produce cards online with the many affordable printing services that are out there. You can sell your cards online or have them printed so you can sell them locally.

Kidpreneur Idea #23: Copywriting and Editing

People are always hiring talented writers, even kids!

Kids with strong writing skills and great grammar can easily turn those skills into money makers with copywriting services for businesses, students who need essay writing help, or writers who need editing assistance.

kidpreneur business ideas

Kidpreneur Idea #24: Holiday Services

There are many great money-making opportunities for kids associated with the holiday season.

Seasonal services like holiday decorating, gift wrapping, baking, and wreath making, are just a few of the great ideas that can be part of a holiday service business. Be sure to advertise your new company far in advance to maximize your profits.

Kidpreneur Idea #25: Bath and Body Work

One of the hottest DIY trends right now is the creation of natural body and bath products.

If your child has a knack for creating environmentally friendly soaps, natural fragrances, hair products, deodorants, and cosmetics, they can potentially experience significant success using those skills to start their own business and sell those products online or in person.

Creative Kidpreneur Ideas for Any Kid

Kidpreneur Idea #26: Errand Runner

Busy professionals and parents, especially parents with young children, have difficulty running errands in a timely fashion. Often, important tasks are set aside for other priorities.

Kidpreneurs with driver’s licenses or those who live in walkable, urban centers can find significant success with an errand running business.

Kidpreneur Idea #27: Packaging and Shipping Assistant

Plenty of small and home-based business owners spend a lot of time packing and shipping products to their customers. A trustworthy kid can make their job easier by taking over this task.

A packaging and shipping assistant can help by packaging orders, taking product inventory, labeling packages, and shipping prep. They can bring the packages to the post office if they are old enough to drive.

car washing services

Kidpreneur Idea #28: Car Washing Service

A car washing service has been a popular kidpreneur idea for decades because it is the perfect job for kids and provides a service every car owner needs.

One way for creative kidpreneurs to upsell their car washing service clients is to offer detailing services, like cleaning interiors and vacuuming.

Kidpreneur Idea #29: DJ Services

Is your kid a music fanatic? Do they have an ear for music? Maybe they make killer Spotify playlists. If this sounds like your budding kidpreneur, they could make money working as a DJ at events, parties, and fundraisers.

All it takes is an initial investment into some good audio equipment and microphones to get started. Your young DJ can take it to the next level with a karaoke machine.

Kidpreneur Idea #30: Online Reseller

A great way for kids, especially younger kids, to learn more about business and commerce is to sell gently used toys, clothing, and other household items online. These days, plenty of websites and apps that make reselling easier than ever.

Once they get the hang of it, kidpreneurs can kick it up a notch by going to garage and yard sales to purchase items they can resell online.

Kidpreneur Idea #31: Christmas Tree Disposal Service

A Christmas tree disposal service is a great seasonal business for children who drive or with parents willing to partner up with them for the company. Of course, you will need a big enough vehicle for tree hauling, but it is a great way to make some cash around the holiday season.

Kidpreneur Idea #32: Home or Office Organizing Services

Is your child detailed-oriented and well-organized? If so, they may be the perfect candidate for a home organization service.

Kidpreneurs with this type of business can offer to declutter and organize for people who need their garages, cabinets, drawers, closets, kitchens, and offices organized. If the child does a good job, satisfied customers will likely be happy to recommend the service to others.

Kidpreneur Idea #33: Hot Beverage Stand Owner

Although Lemonade and Iced Tea stands are common, a great kidpreneur idea for the cold winter months is selling hot beverages, like hot tea and/or cocoa. Just like lemonade in the summer months, the beverage kidpreneur can set up shop in their local park, neighborhood, or at a community event.

Use a thermos to keep the beverages nice and hot, and add baked goods to the menu to up your game.

Kidpreneur Idea #34: Stone Rings

Creating unique jewelry pieces from nature is fun, easy, and a creative way to make money.

Stone rings are easy to make using adjustable ring blanks, jewelry glue, and pretty rocks, geodes, or minerals, which can be found anywhere in nature. The beautiful creations you make with these found stones can be sold online or at local events and marketplaces.

kids can

Kidpreneur Idea #35: Party Planning and Party Coordinating Service

Creative, resourceful, and friendly kids can manage party planning and coordination successfully.

From choosing party themes and decorations to setting up the parties and party clean-up, there are many party planning opportunities for kidpreneurs interested in this sort of business.

Kidpreneur Idea #36: Trash and Clean-Up Services

A business that can be an extension of a party planning/coordinating service or as a standalone company is a trash and clean-up service.

It’s a dirty job and not a lot of fun, but being paid to be on trash duty following an event or party is a great way for kidpreneurs to earn cash. Residents may even pay kidpreneurs for curbside pick-up in local neighborhoods in some areas.

Kidpreneur Idea #37: Fresh Fruit Stand

This twist on the traditional beverage stand is yet another great kidpreneur idea. If you have a fruit tree that produces more fruit than you and your family can use, kids can use the extra fruit and sell it at a neighborhood stand.

makeup artist business

Kidpreneur Idea #38: Nail or Makeup Artist Business

YouTube has so many great DIY tutorials about nail and makeup artistry that many kids are honing their skills in amazing ways.

With your makeup or nail business, you can offer your services locally to anyone getting ready for a photo shoot, party, special event, dance, or prom.

Kidpreneur Idea #39: Window Cleaning Services

Most people don’t have the patience or time to clean the windows in their homes or small businesses, but clean windows can make a difference.

All it takes for a kidpreneur to run a successful window cleaning service is a squeegee, window cleaner, and rags. Chances are, plenty of folks in your community will appreciate your services.

Kidpreneur Idea #40: Personal Shopper Services

Is your kid a fashionista?

Young fashionistas can harness their creative fashion skills and help folks who need makeovers or shopping assistance.

From helping peers with makeovers to assisting adults in finding a nice new outfit for a special event or occasion or simply as a wardrobe refresher, many people utilize personal shoppers.

Kidpreneur Idea #41: Digital Photo Scanning Services

Many folks have boxes of photographs that they would love to have digitized but don’t know how or have the means to do so.

Potential kidpreneurs who are tech-savvy and have their own digital scanner can really clean up by offering this incredibly useful service. A great upsell related to this business could be the creation of a slideshow for the photos that are digitized.

homegrown Produce

Kidpreneur Idea #42: Homegrown Produce Service

If your child loves gardening, a great kidpreneur idea is to sell and grow herbs or produce to sell to neighbors or at local markets. Similarly, selling and delivering farm-fresh eggs is great if your family has chickens.

Kidpreneur Idea #43: Apron Design Service

Kids who love sewing and have a keen fashion sense can try crafting aprons and selling them online or at local craft fairs and events.

Cooks love aprons, especially if they are fun and unique. Aprons make great gifts, so you should have no problem selling them, especially since they make great gifts for family members.

Kidpreneur Idea #44: Snow Shoveling Services

Often, the best way to earn money is to capitalize on opportunities such as inclement weather.

If you are a kidpreneur living in an area prone to snowfall, you can bundle up and start offering snow shoveling services. That could entail shoveling sidewalks, walkways, and driveways, and even cleaning snow off of cars in your neighborhood and beyond.

Kidpreneur Idea #45: Art Instruction Services

Budding young artists often look for guides and mentors that can help them hone their art skills.

If your kidpreneur has a particular artistic talent, they can start a business that offers in-home lessons or host art parties and charge a fee.

Kidpreneur Idea #46: Pedicure Services

Everyone loves relaxing pedicures and foot massages, which is why it can become a great business opportunity for a kidpreneur.

Pedicure services are great for slumber parties and party packages. However, kidpreneurs offering pedicure services must follow proper safety protocols.

Kidpreneur Idea #47: Acting Coach Services or Acting Classes

Does your kidpreneur have a larger-than-life personality and good acting skills?

There may be a high demand, particularly among their peers, for sharing tricks and tips. For kidpreneurs that are good at improvisation, hosting improv events and parties are an excellent way to make some quick cash and advertise your services by keeping folks laughing and engaged.

kidpreneur ideas

Kidpreneur Idea #48: Viral Dance Teacher

Every day it seems that a new dance move goes viral and starts making the rounds online. Kidpreneurs can take advantage of this trend and earn money by teaching those viral dances in private lessons or in a group setting.

Kidpreneur Idea #49: Social Media Graphic Designer

Local businesses that need eye-catching graphics to post on their social media pages often look for graphic designers who can offer those services.

If your kidpreneur is good at graphic design, they can advertise their services with a portfolio of samples and offer monthly packages to corner the market.

Kidpreneur Idea #50: School Photo Services

Are you a young photographer looking to find a way to sell your services? A great kidpreneur idea is offering school photography packages.

Not every family wants to pay for expensive, standard school photos, but they may be willing to cough over a bit less for simple digital pictures of their kid. The best time for kidpreneur photographers to advertise their service is on the first or last day of school, in addition to traditional school photo season.

Portrait photography is a big business, so if you have the skill, you can find your niche and start a photo service.

Kidpreneur ideas assist in exploring children’s talents and skills in order to build a bright future for them.

Kidpreneur Idea Takeaways

These are just a small sample of kidpreneur ideas you can use to jump-start your kid-based business.

You can run with one of these ideas or use it as a basis to find some new creative twist.

Remember, the secret to a successful business is to offer a product or service that is truly unique.

So get out there and let your inner kidpreneur shine!


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