Episode 1146: Pt2 Sara Lyday – The monster in the closet

Being a financial advisor, Part 2 with Sara Lyday


We’re continuing our conversation with Sara Lyday, as she explains why she loves working in the financial industry, her favourite parts of being a financial advisor, and the greatest lessons she’s learned working in that field…

For part 2 of this 2-part episode with financial advisor Sara Lyday, we’re diving into what it’s like working in the world of finance.


Sara explains how she found her passion for financial advising, and what exactly it is that she loves about the role.


She also shares with us some crucial financial lessons she’s learned while working in the field, and explains how her dad has helped her along the way…


“People really just want to be seen and heard.”Sara Lyday


“It’s ok to not know, you don’t have to have it all figured out right now.” – Sara Lyday

Time Stamps:

01:06 – Different careers Sara considered and how she found her passion for being a financial advisor.

05:14 – The difficulties of entering the financial industry and what attracted Sara to that world.

06:48 – How Sara found the key values that are most important to her.

11:43 – The most important lessons Sara’s learned in her financial career.

15:59 – The power of having multiple different viewpoints, and how Sara’s dad acted as her mentor.

18:40 – The importance of using your logic before your emotions when making financial decisions.


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