Episode 1147: Max costs Money

The cost of having a dog with Mak and G


We all know having a dog isn’t cheap but how much does it really cost?


This week, Mak and G dive into the costs of having a dog, what it all adds up to, and what other pets you can get that won’t break the bank…


Having a dog as a pet is like adding a member to the family, and they bring a range of benefits to children’s development too.


But what are the hidden costs involved with having a dog, and how do we work out how much they’ll cost us in the long run?


Today, Mak and G join forces to find out why dogs cost so much, what all these costs add up to, and see if they can find some other cheaper alternatives…


“Everyone can spend different amounts. I found the range for a dog is between 800 and 2,000 dollars a year on the low end.” – G

“We have to start and think about all the things a pet would need and do some research.” – Mak


Time Stamps:

00:30 – Why last year fewer dogs were rescued from shelters while dog purchases from breeders soared.

02:11 – The unexpected costs of having a dog as a pet.

04:19 – How to analyze how much it costs to get a new pet.

06:11 – How much the average owner spends on their dog.

06:57 – The benefits of having a dog.

07:45 – Less expensive pet options.


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