Episode 1148: Is it time to get your Gig on?

What the Gig economy can do for you with Mak and G


This episode, Mak and G talk about the rising popularity of ‘gig jobs’, where people are getting this type of work, and the benefits and risks of working in the gig industry…

Nothing’s better than getting paid to do something you love, making money in your free time doing a hobby in the gig economy.


But what exactly can you do in the gig economy? Where do you find these jobs and is it really all positives or are there some downsides too?


Mak and G answer these questions as they dive into the growing world of the gig economy…


“Gig jobs can be feast or famine, or anywhere in between which means your pay can change a lot.”Mak


“One-half of US workers will be involved in the gig community by 2027.” – Mak


It really opens up your opportunities to do what you love, find others to help you, or dabble in a hobby while making some money.” – G

Time Stamps:

00:13 – What a gig economy is and where it originated from.

02:12 – Different types of gig work and the different industries it covers.

02:51 – The benefits of working a gig job.

03:42 – Different companies that focus on gig work and jobs in the gig industries

04:04 – The drawbacks of working a gig job and the risks of ‘burnout’.

05:06 – The different platforms that offer gig jobs.

06:37 – Some of the strange services offered in the gig economy.

07:45 – The way the gig economy can improve your life.



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